Off work again!

I am back stuck at home again due to being off work but this time i cant even plotter around the house and get the housework done. 

We had lovely snow Friday night, and if im honest, it put me in such a lovely mood,feeling excited for the coming weeks of Christmas shopping,making snowmen,the lot!. With the snow coming down fast and heavy we all knew it would settle by the morning, and it did, but by Sunday the snow had turned to ice and everyone was weary of going out and using their cars on the road.

I had work all weekend but had managed to get to and from work safely without any accidents...until Monday morning. My work boots that i wear have got to be the best boots i have ever purchased,from new look,and with wearing them every single day to and from all my calls there was going to be a time that they needed replacing!. Finding the biggest hole in the heel and revealing my multicoloured star socks i decided they were ready for the bin. Monday morning came and i ended up wearing my converses to work ,not the best idea, as i ended up slipping on an ice patch and landing on my right knee. 

After spending 4 hours in A&E ,having an Xray, bandaged up and given crutches they let me go with the conditions of no walking and resting! Luckily it wasn't bad news and i have not broken any bones, just sprained my knee and bruised tendon, but for me ,sitting down and doing nothing is impossible and feels like bad news!.

So if any of you have had any bad weather or if we have any more snow heading our way in the next month just be very careful when your out and about,make sure you only use your car if its safe to drive out and check your shoes/boots for good grip as it is so easy to slip and fall and possibly do more damage than i did.

I have learnt a valuable lesson through this that i shall never forget,stock up on boots and never wear converses in the snow! :)

Kira xXx

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