New laptop at long last

it has been a very long time since I put a blog post up and honestly, i thought my blogging mojo had gone. I ended up ruining my laptop screen a good year ago and had been using either my phone,which is impossible to try and blog on, the tablet and Scott's laptop , which is slower than a snail,no offence snails. So after speaking with a few shops ,i decided to buy a new laptop as it was going to cost near enough the same price to fix my old one!.

So here i am, with my brand spanking new laptop, its perfect. Its the HP 15-AC113NA ,which is a couple up from my old one i believe.i purchased it from Very , which is actually a really good catalogue. i have had quite a few bits from there .I am still getting use to this version of the HP and personalising it but I'm slowly getting there.

So a new blog post every Sunday evening is what i hope to achieve , its actually Wednesday today!, so im already behind but ive never been one for time keeping! I shall continue to blog this morning with Kelly Clarkson giving me some motivation on my iphone and the sun shining.
Have a great day guys!

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