Tuesday, 15 March 2016


If you follow me on you-tube then you will know already that I have been a Degustabox subscriber for some time now.I have decided to share the contents and also tell you what we thought of it as we have demolished the box!.

First are these chocolates.These bars are called Divine,retailing at £1,they are fairtrade,natural,suitable for vegetarians and free from palm oil.I can tell you these went down a treat,its safe to say I didn't share these.All mums have to have a special treat,that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Next are the new J20 spritzers, these retail at £2.49 ,and with 63 calories max per 275ml they are a great fizzy drink without feeling guilty.We had the pear and raspberry and watermelon and apple,delicious!.

The Mr Kipling's fruity cranberry and orange slices (£1.49) were a nice after dinner treat for all of us,sprinkled with honey toasted British Oats these oaty cakes are a great alternative to a treat. 

I have got to say I was a bit sceptical about the Nutrnix wholegrain cereal £3.79, they didn't soften up as Weetabix do but that is because it is packed full of coconut and honey bits,which honestly made them so good!.

Hartley's jelly has been a favourite in this household for as long as I can remember.The small ones retail at 50p and the bigger one 70p, you really cant go wrong with jelly,especially with ice cream,yum.

We got the sweet red chilli Ritz crisp and thin, the girls absolutely loved these, a great snack for after school.They retail at £2.19 and they come in a variety of flavours.

These beloved date bars are 100% natural and are the only cereal bar bound with natural date nectar. They taste amazing.Retail at 59p each which is a bargain and we will definitely be trying the rest of the range.

The London Crisp Company I had never heard of before now. They can be found in Waitrose, Tesco and Selfridge's store and retail at £2,29. We received the sweet chilli flavour and wow,they are so nice,I devoured the whole packet,amazing.

Sarson's is the UK number one vinegar brand,70p. It has launched a new limited edition bottle with its well loved 'fish and chips' characters,which are super cute.

Vit Hit is a juice based soft drink with 100% recommended Daily Allowance of 8 different vitamins.Retails at £1.80.With no added sugar and fewer than 35 calories per bottle,you cant help but find this drink a win win!.

Nari Palm juice wasn't a hit with any of us.It retails at £1.99 and is coconut palm sap infused with 100% natural fruit and spice extracts.Full of goodness but not to our taste buds.

That is our Degustabox this time.Hope you enjoyed the taste testing review and why not give it a try?
Thanks for reading
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