Kiddylicious Snacks

If your children are anything like my two daughters then snack time is a recurring thing in our household.They never seem to be full and are always asking for snacks. We never run out of fresh fruit and veggie sticks in our house but i like to keep some snacks as healthy treat.

Kiddylicious kindly sent the girls a box of snacks to try out which were the fruity puffs,the smoothie melts and the crunchy snacks.With these snacks you are getting 100% pure fruit, sugar that occurs naturally in the fruits and veggies and flavoured with natural fruit,which sounds brilliant for a child's snack.

I have got to say the girls were surprisingly impressed. At first they thought they weren't going to like any of them,especially Kadiann, but i have got to say Kadiann likes them just as much as Alessia!.

They are a perfect after school snack and also great for taking on picnics and days out.They range from 7Months+ so are a great healthy finger food snack for babies too!, even mummy eats them!.

Go check them out and let me know what you think? the banana puffs are our favourite :)


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