Friday, 18 August 2017

my little worry child | magical worry plaque

Alessia has always been an emotional child, the quieter one out of my two eldest daughters.She seems to take the world on her little soldiers, i believe she is definitely an old soul and i often find her writing about the worries she has and things that are playing on her mind.

We sit and discuss things that are bothering her and sometimes they might be little things that have happened at school that we can laugh and giggle them away, but then there are others that really affect her and seem to keep her up at night.

We have been using The Magical Fairy Worry Plaque by the Irish Fairy Door Company for the past couple of months. The worry plaque works by your little one placing their hand on it and thinking of their worry, the plaque will glow red whilst they are doing this. When the fairies have heard their worries the plaque will then go green which means all their worries have now gone to the fairies.

Alessia has been mesmerised by this plaque,we have Incorporated it into our bedtime routine so she can get rid of anything that has been playing on her mind before bed. It does come with attachments to hang on the wall but she prefers teddy to look after it.

 Retailing at £19.99 i think it is very reasonable priced for what it aims to do. There are also some lovely free video affirmations on the website which make it a little bit personal and special.
 A lovely gift for your little worrier.

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let the faires take your worries away

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

mum-made | review & giveaway

One thing  i love,especially now being a mummy is crafting. I absolutely love an afternoon of getting the crafts out with the girls and making memories to cherish. The girls get lost in their pieces of art and come up with some lovely trinkets,but sometimes you need that alone time to wind down and relax and treat yourself. This is where mum-made comes in.

 Mum-made is the first craft box designed exclusively for mothers. Each kit enables you to create unique and stunning keepsakes to decorate your nursery or home with and create memories along the way.

Each box includes all the materials required to create a beautiful ,long lasting keepsake for your little one.There are a few projects to choose from, cot mobile, baby name garland, memory frames or a night light.Also included is a makers guide,featuring instructions, doodle pages and craft tips so you have everything you need all in one beautiful box

I have really enjoyed  making this night light, it is beautiful and baby Nila is mesmerised by by the lights. It really has been a lovely treat of an evening. sitting down with a cup of tea and losing myself in the project. It has been very therapeutic and would highly recommend for any mums or mums to be that want to treat their selves to something a bit different, or to anyone thinking of gift ideas, this would be the perfect gift to any new mum.

The team at mum-made are also kindly giving us the opportunity to give one of these away. All you have to do to enter is click the link below and follow the requirements.
Good Luck!

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Monday, 14 August 2017

West port Lake [The unconventional diaries]

Saturday we woke up to glorious weather, something the UK hasn't seem much of this summer. So we decided to take the girls out for the day to get some fresh air and burn off some of that energy being cooped up indoors .We don't get much quality time as a family lately and this is something we are trying to work on.

West port lake is actually one of our favourite places to go for a walk, its not far from us and the girls usually take their scooters and see how many laps they can do.The view is absolutely stunning and it really is a breath of fresh air.

There are two trails to choose from, a shorter one and a long one, we always take the long one, although Alessia gets a bit reluctant half way round,especially if the swans decided to attack,which they have done on numerous occasions, i am sure they can smell us coming!

There are so  many different types of birds at this lake. Myself and Kadiann always seem to spot a different kind every time we go, this time it was a funny looking fella with a completely white beak. 

We fed the ducks popcorn and they can't get enough of it, if you watch our weekly Vlogs, you will see them all in action!

There is also a park, which was absolutely packed!, and normally an ice cream van, typical it wasn't here on this occasion, but not to worry, we did end up nipping into Asda for some on the way home .

 The girls were so ready for bed when we got home, even baby Nila was exhausted. A success for mama and a nice cup of tea to celebrate!

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Friday, 11 August 2017


I always worry that the children are hungry when being at school, so snack time after morning break puts me at ease. The school has a bowl with a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables but you can also bring in your own snack.This is something the girls love to do and enjoy going through the snack box each morning before school run.

I stock the box up mainly with cereal and granola bars, trying to pick the better and healthiest options when choosing. 

Organix has come up with an oaty bar aimed at older children called PUNK'D and the girls were lucky enough to try them. Made with only organic goodness and no junk, I popped them in the snack box and kept my fingers crossed.

They come in two different flavours, cocoa and orange crash and strawberry and vanilla smash. I think they are the perfect size for portion control when it comes to a child's treat.

They are an absolute hit with the girls,especially Alessia. There favourite flavour is the cocoa and orange. A big thumbs up from us Organix!

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Dr Browns Bottles | Review

Having a newborn baby is the most magical feeling in the world, the newborn cuddles, the wind giggles and the holding onto your finger will melt your heart, but it is also very hard work. The sleepless nights, night feeds, poo explosions and crying for no reason are challenging, add colic onto that list and it will all seem like one hell of a nightmare.

We use the Dr Brown Bottles for Nila and they have been a god send. She was struggling with terrible colic and trapped wind and we had tried everything! Infacol, Dentinox,Gaviscon and cooled boiled water,nothing worked,some actually made it worse!

We decided to give the Dr Browns Bottles a try. They are specially patented with a two-piece internal vent system that helps reduce colic, spit-up,burping and gas by eliminating negative pressure and air bubbles.

We have been using them now for the past 3 weeks and we have not looked back. We have no colic at all, completely gone and winding seems to be a lot easier, with help to these bottles.

They come apart very easy, with the added vent they are still very easy to clean and they come with an extra cleaner to fit in them tiny places. They also fit into the sterilise perfectly, without having to miss any parts out.

If your little one is struggling with colic or trapped wind and you just cant seem to shift it then i would highly recommend giving these bottles a try, they worked for us and they might work for you too!

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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Little chick london bedside crib | review

Moving house is one of the most stressful things in life. Having to move with very little notice and no choice in the property is even more stressful and has resulted in us moving into a much smaller property than we hoped for.Add a newborn baby into the equation and you definitely haven't got enough room to swing a cat! With this being said, we have tried to make the most of the little space we have and have found the perfect solution for our small space problem.

The Little Chick London Bedside Crib has been a life saver and is super practical!  It is slightly larger than a moses basket , but no where near as a big as a cot. There are clasps either side which means it can fold away for storage, so can be tucked up during the day to give you more space in the bedroom and then brought back out later in the evening.The crib sides are made of breathable sandwich mesh fabric which promotes airflow and temperature control,which puts my mind at ease when trying to sleep myself.

Little chick London also have a twinkle light bedtime soother which can be purchased separately, Nila adores this,where ever she goes, it follows, and we find ourselves strapping it to everything to get 5 minutes peace, the joys of having a newborn!

Retailing at £99.99 for the crib and £34.99 for the mattress, i think it is a very reasonable price for a crib that is sturdy, fold-able and very good quality.It comes in two colours,white and grey. we absolutely love ours!

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Nila's First Family Day Out| Hybrid Stroller

Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining, it was a glorious day so we decided to take baby Nila out for the afternoon and finally test drive the Hybrid stroller.

We took a stroll through the local flower park and soaked up some vitamin D.

The hybrid is a lovely stroller to push, the suspension on the wheels are fantastic! it literally feels like your going over clouds when it comes to the rocky roads and bumps, Nila didn't feel a thing and was a happy little bunny.

The extended hood/sun canopy is a perfect little addition to this stroller, it kept every little bit of sun off of my little one's face and kept her shaded which is a definite must now summer is here,finally.

We went off for some lunch as well at a local family friendly pub that we hadn't been before, i was slightly worried the stroller was a bit too big to fit into the place but i had nothing to worry about, pubs are a lot bigger inside then they look on the outside!

Nila had a feed and went to sleep to let this mama have her lunch. The carrycot mattress is super soft and so cosy, she settled for her nap straight away with no problem at all.

We had a lovely day out and i love my hybrid stroller,and so does the little owner! All my little worries about taking it out have gone and it lives up to all its expectations and transformer buggy :)

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Welcome To The World Baby Girl

  Nila Mae Hutt

On the 30th June 2017 at 12.37pm i gave birth at home to my last baby girl, weighing 8LB 13OZ . She is everything i could of ever wished for and me and we are all absolutely besotted with her.

We named her Nila, which actually means enchanting moon , we used our two other daughters names to recreate this name and didn't know the meaning was such a beautiful one.

Welcome to the world baby girl


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Writing Slope For Children | Inxact Design

Writing has been one of Alessia's targets over the last two parents evenings. She loves writing and making stories but gets carried away in her story which results in her rushing and next thing you know, her writings all over the place.

When we were contacted to review the writing slope by Inxact Design i thought this would be a great tool to try out with Alessia.

The slope itself is pretty simple in design and sits on a table/desk with a pen/pencil slot at the top, has a non slip base and a slight lip at the bottom for your paper to sit in.

*It improves handwriting skills*

*Enhances concentration* 

*Helps with posture*

*Reduces shoulder stress when colouring*

*Great for all students*

*Doubles up as a recipe holder/book stand*

*Left and right hand friendly*

Alessia has loved using it and i can honestly say it has made a difference to her hand writing, she doesn't rush as much and sitting at her desk,she takes her time.

Retailing at £21.99 plus free delivery, can be purchased on amazon or at

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Third Trimester | Baby Number 3


So we are so close to the finish line and i am so relieved. If you have been following my pregnancy journey then you will know there have been quite a few bumps in the road and i can honestly say this is the last munchkin this mama is having. Three girls is absolutely fine with me, sorry Scott! 
So where do i start!


Emotions,anxiety and my depression over the last trimester has been really difficult, life has been slightly hectic. I ended up going on maternity leave early at 30 weeks due to the nature of my job, i work as a community carer and was having to be dropped off in the area that i worked and practically walk around all day and wait around in between my calls, which from 8.30am -3.30pm every day was a complete struggle and SPD has not been kind to me due to this.


From a confirmed home birth assessment,to being high risk with pre eclampsia, hospitalised twice and  then back down to low risk and back on the home birth ladder,fingers crossed ( and toes!) we can have this home birth and everything runs smoothly.We have had numerous different midwifes and still have not been allocated one which is very unnerving but we know what we want and already having two daughters, and one home birth under my belt i am sure we will be fine.


I have had Braxton Hicks so intense for the last 6 weeks which have made going out and making the most of the girls before little one arrives impossible.Hot flushes have been a nightmare, some nights having two showers just to cool down. Swollen feet,hands ,calfs , you name it , it's probably been swollen, i am still having swollen hands and feet occasionally but this is common now i am 39 weeks +2 and feeling like a whale. My bladder has a mind of it's own and is totally in charge.With having the braxton hicks I ordered some third trimester teas from Amazon in the hope to speed things along, i am still pregnant and still drinking them....


Still craving mints, although the craving did go down for a few weeks as crunching them was giving me acid re flux, but now that has gone i am back on the mint bad wagon, have cracked my tooth but still crunching the damn things!
Also cola push ups from Aldi have become a firm favourite, over the last few weeks the UK  has had some glorious weather and also my cool it mama from the midwife in a box has been a godsend for cooling me down.


I have been so busy this pregnancy i have totally neglected my bump and it shows!. I have accumulated so many stretch marks and there is no going back now with them. Honestly though, being a mother of nearly 3, stretch marks and all the wobbly bits that come with pregnancy and afterwards do not  bother me. My body has carried 3 precious children and if the proof of that is a few tiger strips, i am totally happy with that.

My last pregnancy update, i really can not believe it is nearly all over, even though it has been an eventful pregnancy, to hold my munchkin at the end of it will be worth it.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Midwife In A Box Gift Set | The Natural Birthing Company

Pregnancy has its ups and downs, some of the downs for me this time have brought me to tears, really bad hot flushes, piles,yes i will hold my hands up and say that piles have been a nightmare third time round and quite frankly being a working mother of two plus pregnant is harder than you think!.

Over the last few months i have had the chance to try out the Midwife in a box by the lovely team at The Natural Birthing Company.Full of beautiful, natural products developed by midwives , i have got to say i was so excited to receive it, it felt like a lovely treat, which sometimes us mums don't have the time for.

This gift set contains all four of their full sized products,which can also be re purchased separately, and 2x luxurious organic cotton flannels,which are softer than a babies bum!

It has also recently won 5 awards in the beauty shortlist Mama & Baby awards 

Best Mama to be Brand - UK
Best Gift for mums-to-be (Midwife in a Box)
Best Perineum Massage Oil (Down Below) 
Editors Choice Winner x2 (Pure Bliss & Cool it Mama)

which is incredible and well deserved!

The contents inside includes:

Cool it mama - cooling body spritz 100ml
Down below- Perineal massage oil 50ml
Pure bliss  - soothing postnatal compress solution 50ml
Bosom buddies- Breastfeeding oils 3x10ml
Two organic cotton unbleached flannels

Beautifully packaged and as soon as i opened the box i could smell the gorgeous aromas, all these products are full of natural ingredients, easy guide on how to apply them,i knew this box was going to be amazing. 

My two favourite products from this box

  Cool it mama cooling body spritz. It has helped control my hot flushes, especially now i am at the end of my pregnancy and due any day. Neroli and Ylang Ylang are great oils for calming down anxiety, which are key ingredients in this spray and have helped me wind down of an evening.

Down below perineal massage oil. Even though i have had two babies already, one of my worries is to tear or having to be cut. This oil contains rosehip, which brings elasticity and regeneration to the skin, this oil is also good for stretch marks and itchy skin, which i have also suffered with.

I would highly recommend this gift set to any pregnant mummies out there and new mums, the products are amazing and it would be the perfect gift for anyone expecting a little bundle of joy.

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*I was kindly sent this product in exchange for an honest review *


Friday, 9 June 2017

Dreamgenii Review & Give Away

As you are all probably aware, as i have moaned, i mean mentioned it a few times!, sleep throughout this pregnancy has practically been non existent. I went 2 months with sleeping in with the children and on the sofa to try any means of getting myself and bump comfy, failing ever time.

The Dreamgenii pregnancy support and feeding pillow has been amazing for me!. For how compact it is ,i really didn't think it would be as effective as it has been.


Aids restful sleep
Supports your bump,back and knees
Helps you to lie on your left side, which is the best position for you and bump
Prevents you from rolling over onto your back
Encourages maximum blood flow between mother and baby whilst asleep
Helps you to achieve optimal foetal positioning
Doubles as a feeding support pillow
Is actually recommended by midwives

Also 1 in 4 women actually suffer with SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) and i am one of them sufferers, it got to the stage where i had to leave work early to go on maternity leave as the pain was that intense. I can gladly say that the Dremgenni has eased off the SPD by an incredible amount, even just taking 5 minutes to rest with the pillow helps.

There is so much to this little pillow, it is super soft and so simple top use. It is shaped as a number 7 so you can not go wrong with getting into position, unless your ready for your little human to come out and can barely see your toes! :)

Video review is up on our channel too if you fancy a watch, link is below :)

The lovely team at Dreamgenni are offering my lovely readers and subscribers a chance to win one of their gorgeous pillows. All you have to do is enter below and keep your fingers and toes crossed!

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