The Joys Of Blogging - Sarcasm Inserted Here!

When i started up my blog, i had wanted it to be an online diary - i use to love keeping a written diary when i was younger, and had them throughout the years, up until my teens.

For the past year i have dedicated a lot of time ( and typing ) into my blog, and i am so happy with where i am at now. So much so, 2018 is the year i become self employed with it! Fingers crossed.

If you haven't followed me long, then you will not be familiar with 'the joys of blogging' - it is my catch phrase when i am feeling the strain, the strain on my hands.

Blade & Rose

One thing i love doing is finding unusual clothing pieces for Nila's wardrobe, the quirkier the better to be honest and made by an entrepreneur then i am totally sold!.

I came across a brand called Blade And Rose, which was set up by a lovely lady named Amanda whilst on maternity leave. She had come up with the name by using her childrens middle names which is super cute.The British clothing brand specialise in leggings and clothing accessories.

Christmas 2017 [Unconventional Diary #18]

Merry Christmas Everyone!! :)

I hope you have had a lovely day . Christmas didn’t go as We had hoped . The girls woke up and we had snuggles in bed whilst they opened their present Santa left on their bed . Alessia felt hot and had a slight temperature so we gave her some calpol and she seemed fine . Downstairs we tucked into presents and had lots of happy faces with their gifts - and mine! , I got a canon g7x Mark ii, if you watch our Christmas Vlog you will see I cried my eyes out ! and I am not a pretty crying that’s for sure!.

Winter Wonderland [Unconventional Diary #17]

Last year Winter Wonderland opened up in our local town . It is a huge fun fair park , that is set up every December on an old bus station , that is full of festive cheer - Santa’s grotto, ice skating rink, hot chocolate and marshmallow chocolate fountains - Fair rides and Christmas music playing .

Christmas Lush Haul

Now there is no secret that i am a complete lushaholic, yes i do realise i have probably made that word up, but it is true.I absolutely love Lush. The Christmas range excites me the most and ,although i don't tend to go crazy as I know the lush Boxing Day sale is amazing! , I thought  i would share my my mini haul with you.

Winter Look Book | Everything5Pounds

Christmas is only a few days away now and we are so excited!! When got in touch and asked if Kadiann would like to pick out some dresses for the party season,she got straight to it.She picked out three dresses and absolutely loves them all !

#Presentpatrol *Protect Those Presents*

There are only four more days until christmas! I can’t quite believe it ! The Tree has been decorated , presents under the tree ,the garland and stockings are up, Christmas cards given out - we are truly ready in this household for Christmas.

Made With Love | Quack Quack Moo Review & Giveaway

Quality clothing for Nila is essential, and if i do find a brand that i absolutely love, then you know i am going to spread the word and shout all about it.So much so, we are proud ambassadors.

Easy Peasy Christmas Tree Bites

This time of year the girls absoulately love baking . The house is filled with homemade mince pies and cinnamon biscuits, definately a tradition of ours .

Travel Essentials In Winter | Keep Safe At Christmas

now I don’t know about you but I love this time of year . The frosty air , the snow ! We have had so much of it , it looks so pretty!. If you have been following us on YouTube then you will know our car took a turn for the worse and just did not want to work.

Making Room For Three Children

If you have been following me for a while then you will know we recently added to our family and have another little bundle of cuteness Baby Nila.

Having three children in a small three bedroom house can be somewhat cramped and unfortunately the bedrooms are just not big enough for the children to share , especially with the amount of toys they have!.

Winter Clothing With JD Williams

I love this time of year, of course, who wouldn't? it is Christmas time! The weather,being cold,not so much a love of mine :) We almost 100% get snow, we have already ,and it is still snowing today! and that is when the winter wardrobe starts to come out.

Christmas Stress [Unconventional Diary #16]

This weekend i am going to get all the girl's presents out and really go through them and see who has what and if any of them need anymore.

Betty Box Review

When Betty Box reached out and asked if we were interested in receiving one of their subscription boxes, we headed on to their website to check them out .

The Christmas Tag

my lovely friend Laura over at Musings of a tired mummy has tagged me in The Christmas Tag. I am so excited for this tag- really sad I know , but  I love Christmas! :) Okay so there are quite a few questions so let’s get answering.

Salt Dough fun [Unconventional Diary #15]

Over the weekend we had tons of snow! It is really starting to feel christmassy now and i can not wait! I decided to make some salt dough and make an afternoon of it. To be honest, i don't think i have made salt dough for years, since Kadiann was little, so the girls were really excited to get stuck in!

Welcome To Elftopia | Bluestone

On our holiday to Bluestone, we had so much to do. We really didn't have enough time to do everything, which you know means that it is a good holiday - plus that means we have to go back :) 

Finding The Right Guitar Tutor | Bidvine

Alessia has always loved guitars. Even when she was little she would pretend anything was a guitar and act out a performance for us after dinner. She has recently had a few taster lessons at school as well as being taught how to play the ukulele for an assembly for the parents.

Our Magical Week At Bluestone

I had heard so much about Bluestone before going, how it was the perfect family holiday,with so much to do for everyone. I was eager to experience it for myself and take my little family along with me

Christmas Gift Guide For Babies Under 12 Months

Nila will be 6 months old this Christmas,i can not believe she is almost half a year old already!.With that in mind,i have put together a guide of some gifts i think you will love and so will your little babies :)

Christmas Gift Guide For Girls

Christmas is only round the corner and i have put together a round up of some gift ideas that i think would be perfect for that little girl in your life, i know my daughter Alessia would be over the moon to receive any of them! :)

Nila's Weaning Journey #1

I can not believe my little Nila bug is at the stage of weaning , it really doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago since I gave birth to this gorgeous bundle of cuteness! Now here we are - 5 months on and absolutely loving weaning :)

Dribble Bubbs Review

I honestly believe that babies should live in sleepsuit for the first 6 months of their life . They are tiny, fragile little humans and faffing about stessing them in little outfits is a no go for me , give me sleepsuits any day! .

One brand for sleep-suits that I absolutely love is Dribble Bubbs . They have the most cutest and Perfect sleep-suits I have ever seen.Designed with tons of practical features,they actually call them cosy grows and they are super cosy.

Outdoor Play | ESP

Keeping our children healthy and happy is very important to us as parents. Making sure they have a balanced diet and also get enough exercise and fresh air in them little lungs.

I have always encouraged the girls to spend as much time in the garden during the summer months and now, when winter kicks in, we wrap up warm, pack a flask of hot chocolate and head out for a walk along the tracks by our home. There is no excuse :)

Cosy Pyjamas Perfect For Xmas! | Hunkemoller

If there is one thing that is definitely on your list when it comes to Christmas and the winter months then it has got to be some cosy PJ's.

We all love new sleepwear this time of year so when Hunkemellor reached out and asked if Kadiann  wanted to pick out a new pair of pyjamas, she jumped at the chance.

Weekend Fun Online

The weekends are my absolute favourite, no school runs- getting up and fluttering about with baby Nila and the older two girls for school. It is bliss!

I also love that Scott is at home in the evenings,he works until 9.30pm Monday to Friday and by the time he gets home at 10pm  i am shattered and there is no way you are keeping me up for movies or even a chat, i am far away in the land of nod! :)

Pass the Pigs for Xmas! | COMPETITION

You’ll be snorting with laughter if you play with these piggy games for Christmas.  The original party animals, Pass the Pigs, use hilarious pigs for dice. Will you roll a sider or start makin’ bacon? Having fun with friends, on the road entertainment, or just chilling out – the game is on for every pig in the parlour!

The Ultimate Kids Soundtrack & Giveaway

I have always loved music and singing from an early age and i honestly believe that introducing music to children from the get go is so beneficial to them.Playing together with music can brighten their mood,benefit their brain and also boost their language skills.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly | Customer Service

On more than one occasion i have looked up a certain companies customer service number,rang them and then be told i have rang the wrong department and then i have been put through to a million different other departments before i end up putting the phone down through frustration of getting nowhere!.

Scott,my partner, works in the customer service sector, and he says that this is bad practice,a prime example of bad customer service and can be easily avoided with the right information at hand in the first place.

Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

Car safety has always been important to me,especially being a mother of three. My partner Scott is the main driver in our household so he is usually responsible for making sure the car is road safety.However,i am currently learning to drive and know quite a lot about the car,it's tyres and the importance of also checking them.

Checking the tyre's tread is really simple to do. You can check them with a 20p coin, and doesn't take a minute!. Place a 20p coin into the main tread groove of your tyre. If the outer edge of the 20p coin is obscured when it it is inserted then your tread is above the legal limit. I keep a 20p coin in the side of the door so we can check regularly , although Alessia keeps trying to pinch it buy sweets :)

Best Ways To Store Your Garden Furniture In All Weather

Whether you have an aluminium patio set or some furniture in rattan direct from a quality manufacturer, knowing how to care for it all year round is essential to keeping it looking its best.

If you have a patio, decking or terrace outside your home, there's a good chance that you have some garden furniture. Although it always looks great when you first buy it, after a few years of being exposed to the elements, it can start to look tired and worn.

Not Just An Empty Bottle | CHILDS FARM

Bath time has always been a favourite for the girls . They absolutely love playing in the bath or having a nice long soak - but they all suffer with eczema and did you know that water can actually trigger someone’s eczema and leave them feeling sore, dry or itchy .

Scott Turns 32 [Unconventional Days]

Happy Birthday to you- you are now 32! 

It is Scott's birthday today and he is feeling old- in his words. I am only a year behind him and still feel like i'm 16!. Plans for today are opening cards- taking the girls to dance this morning and then going out for his birthday meal.

Where Are You Spending Christmas This Year?

Christmas for me has always been at home . I love decorating the house and putting our tree up and spending the evenings with our Xmas scented candles on and really enjoying this festive time of year at home.

The children also enjoy being at home for Christmas and we haven't been anywhere else for Christmas - yet. Scott has always said he would like to experience Christmas abroad one year and when baby Nila is a little older i would definitely be up for it!

#Kindness Changes Lives

I don't know about you,but every year around this time i get these moments of 'the world can be such a cruel place'. I think it stems from being the run up to Christmas and we all know there are many people in the world that are so unfortunate and don't even see or know what Christmas is.


Now I have had baby Nila and I am not planning on having anymore babies , I feel I am ready to kick start shifting this baby weight and get back on track to feeling and looking healthier.

Superb Soap Making | Nickelodeon Experimake

One thing i remember getting for Christmas one year as a child was a soap maker. I absolutely loved it and would spend ages making different shaped ones and opening up a 'shop' in my bedroom for my customers :)

The Best Invention Yet! | Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

Having three daughters with quite a big age gap over the years, things have changed. Guide lines have altered and adjusted and there are so many new and different baby products on the market now, it's like being a child in a candy shop when it comes to shopping for your baby - there is so much to choose from!.

Working From Home - With A Baby

When we decided to have another baby, i knew that my job as a community carer would not be the idealist job to continue with and had decided to make a go of working from home. So far,touch wood!, i have really enjoyed being able to still provide for my family and also get to witness them first moments with baby Nila.

Milk Monster Gadget | Review & Giveaway

If i can find something to make life a little easier , stress free and more prepared, then I am all up for trying it out .Having three daughters including our newest addition, baby Nila, routine now seems to be non existent, with so much to remember and keep an eye on. We are all trying to find a happy medium and get back on track.

We have been testing out the Milk monster  over the last couple of weeks and I have got to say i am super impressed with it.

Professional Logos Made Easy | LOGOJOY

when it comes to being creative , I must admit I am a complete perfectionist . I can spend absoulately ages working on a project or a simple task and if it isn't up to scratch in my eyes , then it's game over and I will totally give up .

When I discovered a love for writing and Unconventinal kira was born , I didn't know where to start in regards to a logo. I had never done one before and did not know where to look for help. It was only a few months ago that I actually become the owner of a logo,thanks to a friend of mine .

Budget Friendly Interior Design Tips for Your Home

We all want a beautiful home. We want to feel comfortable and love the space we spend so much time in. Whether it be by decorating with tub chairs, paintings, fancy accessories, blankets and more, we all want to save money whilst creating an ideal space.

Budgets are getting tighter across the nation. It’s time to snap up some bargains and get your dream home. Here are some of my tips :)

Upcycle Your Old Furniture
Upcycling is good for the environment, great for your bank balance and it’s fun! Get some inspiration from websites like Pinterest and let your creative side really come out. You’ll be surprised at how much an old shabby set of drawers can change in style once you give it a new lease of life.

Strip Back
Have a look around your home, is it full of old junk that you’re never going to use again? Do you REALLY need multiple kitchen appliances, or are you just being drawn in by the fancy advert on television? Try to ban yourself for excessive spending and you’ll save a fortune - we know it’s hard, but think how happy you’ll be with those extra pennies in your pocket.

Attack the Car Boot Sales
Who doesn’t love a good rummage through a decent car boot? Many people have car boots to get rid of the stuff they don’t use, or when they want to downsize. This doesn’t mean it’s junk, so don’t be put off. Who knows, you may even stumble across some hidden antiques worth a fortune!

Hunt down your nearest auction house that specialises in home furnishings to grab some great bargains.

Join Reward and Member Schemes
There are very few retailers who do not offer some kind of membership these days. These memberships usually allow customers to save points and claim discounts. If you sign up using your email address, the shops often notify members of upcoming sales (and sometimes give early access to sale items), meaning you can snatch up bargains at your favourite places before anyone else does.

Use Social Media
There are a few ways you can use social media to track down interior home goods. Use Facebook to search for sale or swap pages in your local area. These pages allow you to either buy something cheaply, or swap one of your unwanted items for something else.

You can also use Facebook Marketplace to search for items on sale in your area.

Pictures, Photographs and Paintings
If your budget is too tight to redecorate fully, buy some pictures to hang on your wall. You could even go out and snap a few pictures yourself. Take them into your nearest printing company and ask them to print it on a canvas suitable for hanging for you. This is a lot cheaper than buying a load of wall paper and seeing your own prints will make you feel good.

Ask Your Family and Friends
Ask your family and friends to keep you in mind the next time they want to clear out any of their furnishings. They’ll probably be happy that someone is willing to take something off them!

Budget Stores
Have a good look around your local budget stores for things like wallpaper and tools needed for decorating and interior design. You may be shocked at how well these stores are stocked. For furnishing you actively use often, stick to more well-known brands - it’s worth spending a little more on something better quality as it will last a lot longer.

Take time deciding what is worth splashing out on (saving you money in the long run) and what is OK to buy cheaply.

You can spruce up any home whilst creating a calming ambience with some good lighting. Save money by buying a lamp with multiple light settings. You’ll be able to change the light to suit your mood and need, without breaking the bank.

Keep Clean
Sometimes all you really need to do to get your house looking in great condition again is to give it a good clean. Try and set an entire day to one side, have a clear out and spring clean your entire house. When you’ve done, sit back and admire your sparkly new home and all your hard work!

There are hundreds of ways for you to add your own style to your home, whilst saving money. However you choose to, keep it minimal and always choose wisely. This will save you money in the long run and you’ll feel the most comfortable in your home.

If you want some inspiration, have a look at Tub Chairs. They have some great stuff you can snap up and have your home looking cool and contemporary in no time at all!

If you have any tips or ticks i would love to hear them :)

*Written in collaboration with Sloane & Sons*

Gaining Some Independence for me | Buying A Car

*Sponsored Post*

As some of you may already know as i have spoken about this topic in my weekly vlogs-i have taken the plunge and have found a driving instructor local to me and have booked some lessons. It has been long over due and very much needed. With being on maternity leave and being the sole carer for the children , i truly believe having your driving license is really an essential these days and especially when we hit the horrid winter.

Halloween Party Time [Unconventional Days]

Last night the girls had their first Halloween party. To say they were excited was an understatement and they couldn't wait to decorate the house .We nipped to the Co-op in the morning to pick up last minute goodies - there was so many! And of course a small pumpkin to make some soup.

Monster Goodies | HALLOWEEN CRAFTS

Monster goodies are the perfect Halloween crafting activity and they make brilliant party bag fillers.SO simple to make and are super duper cheap!

The perfect spooky gift | HAMA HALLOWEEN

For as long as i can remember, Hama Beads have been always been a favourite when it comes to craft activities. I absolutely loved them when i was younger and actually passed down quite a lot of my collection to Kadiann. We have tons of them and there are so many different peg boards to chose from- they are endless amounts of fun.

Christmas Shopping In Store Or Online?

Christmas is just around the corner- literally!, and now is the time i start to plan ahead and start buying little bits and pieces,especially with having three children this year!.

 I do struggle going Christmas shopping in town, as now i have baby Nila, town seems impossible! I didn't actually realise how un-buggy friendly our big town was, until i decided to take the bus into town,never again!

No Need For A Babysitter

Before we decided to have another child, i knew things would change. Kadiann being 14 and Alessia 8, we rarely needed a babysitter, if we ever went out the girls would end up having sleepovers at their friends house and life was a little easier and to be honest, care free.

Attic Bedroom Conversion

Now Nila has made an entrance into the world, our three bedroom house is proving to be somewhat to small. Having recently moved and really liking the area, we do not want to move again .The bedrooms here,unfortunately, are not that big and even though everyone loves newborn baby cuddles, the girls are fighting over who has to share their bedroom soon with their baby sister.


If you have been with me since Nila was born then you will know how excited i was to try baby wearing. I tried it and i love it!. There is only one problem with baby wearing and that is the changing bag. Now even if i take a quick trip to the shops i still need the changing bag for the little bits; baby wipes, phone, purse-the essentials, it is a struggle to carry a bag and baby wear and if i am honest, i haven't used my wrap much because of this problem.

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