When it comes to self care , there are a few things that are on top of my list . The usual things we all have on our lists are things like having time out with a hot tea and some biscuits away from the children .

Or having a pamper evening with a bubble bath and a new face mask with the latest book I’ve got and a nice glass of wine , but also oral hygiene is extremely important to me and is definitely at the top of my list when it comes to self care.

I actually had braces ,plus a head brace in my teens and 4 years worth of braces and going back and fourth to the orthodontist has definitely given me a bit of an obsession with looking after my teeth.

I am a complete sucker for the latest mouth wash and toothpaste and I love a good whitening toothpaste , especially if you see results pretty quick!.

The latest one I have been testing out is the Colgate max white sparkling mint whitening toothpaste , which I picked up from Morrison’s when I was doing my online order.

First thing that stood out to me was the packaging , I am a lover of all red and this packaging definitely shouts ‘take me home’ :)

Experience cleaner and whiter teeth with this enamel - friendly toothpaste it says. The SmartFoam system is designed to whiten and give your teeth a deep clean , even getting in between the teeth - which is an added bonus! I am that person who does forget to floss on occasions!..

What I noticed with this toothpaste is you really didn’t need as much product as you usually would on your toothbrush to get enough foam and effect , which is great as you are using less product so it’s going to last longer .

The mint taste isn’t to over powering like some toothpastes, just enough to feel fresh and the freshness lasts for quite a while after , which I was really surprised at .

I really love the results the Colgate max white sparkling whitening toothpaste has given me . I have been using it for just over a week and I can already tell and notice a different in my teeth and how fresh my mouth feels .

If you are on the market for a new toothpaste then I would definitely give this one a go and do let me know how you get on :) 

-This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own .


  1. I normally use fluoride free toothpaste for my family!

  2. It sounds like the colgate had really good results for your teeth. I love that it didn't take long for you to see an improvement.

  3. We use Colgate but not seen the pearly whites yet. I will be looking out for this when I go shopping next

  4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra10 July 2020 at 07:25

    I haven't noticed if they have that variant of Colgate in our local supermarket. I will keep an eye out. This would be good for now to keep our teeth clean, healthy and white. We haven't visited our dentist yet since the lock down started, so choosing the right toothpaste will do for now.

  5. I tend to try whitening style toothpaste as even though i use it everyday, i do have stain based food and drink so i have to try and combat it, great review.

  6. Even things like oral hygiene is so important for self care - self care doesn't always have to include things like bubble baths!

  7. This sounds great, I really dislike toothpaste that taste too minty

  8. So glad that this toothpaste is working for you. I like a good whitener, so I may have to try this out x

  9. Sounds like it's really working for you. I would like to try a toothpaste with whitener in.

  10. I saw this one before but haven't tried yet.I will be looking out for this when I go shopping next time.

  11. We usually use Colgate but we haven't tried the Pearly Whites yet. We'll have to give it a try, I think we'd all like our teeth to be a little whiter!


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