As soon as October hits , I know I am not the only one that starts getting prepared for Christmas. The year has definitely come around so fast  hasn't it?, and being organised is definitely the way to get your head in the game :) Thanks to Wicked Uncle , click here and start that shopping stress free.

I don't know about you , but when it comes to Christmas shopping, it is never straight forward with our family . We are all scattered all over the UK and postage can cost us an arm and a leg - literally, ha! 

Being an Aunty and Uncle six times over with an array of nieces and nephews that are in to all sorts of wild gadgets , where do you look? .

This is where Wicked Uncle come in . If you are not familiar with wicked Uncle then firstly where the hell have you been hiding? I am assuming under a rock somewhere! :) .

It is a website primarily aimed at relatives to help them out when it comes to shopping for all sorts of  occasions - birthdays, Christmas and also little treats, as my girls love their little treats from their Nanny and Grandad when we go and visit them.

So with Christmas just around the corner , I definitely wanted to spread the word and let you all in on the fantastic range that Wicked Uncle have to offer on their website.

Whether you have nieces , nephews or grandchildren to buy for , gadget obsessed little ones or older children into Science - Wicked Uncle have your back.

They range from 3 years to teens and have some of the best toys I have seen .With an award winning service rated at 99%, you can’t go wrong . I’ve bought from them for quite a few years now and the girls love their stuff.


Chocolate and children, say no more. The selection of chocolate goodies might take you a while to go through and have you drooling at the mouth! whilst scrolling. They even have some cool stuff for Halloween like their gooey chocolate eyes if you were last minute Halloween shopping too.

Their mug cake gift sets are one of their top sellers and they are so delicious. I get the girls one of these every year and they love making them on their own. Great for letting the children gain a little independence in the kitchen too.


The creative section is packed with endless ideas for the creative munchkins you are buying for. Any Wicked Uncle would know presents that involve growing your own Bonsai tree is super cool and will definitely win Uncle brownie points.

As well as doodling on your pillow, which is totally allowed here i might add, along with DIY bath bomb making, we love them all.

So what ever you are on the look out for , you will find it :)

Do let me know what you end up buying and do tag me in your bargain posts as I love a good bargain haul.


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