When it comes to boilers we all know they can last for years and years , some even as long as a decade!, but for efficiency’s sake and finances , when is best to replace one?.

A boiler is definitely the heart of the home’s central heating system but chances are you probably wouldn’t know if you need a new boiler and if there are any signs to let you know it.

Before booking in for a new boiler installation, see if any of these sound familiar.

We all know central heating systems make some funny noises that are normal ,but a boiler and radiators making strange noises are a also a sign that something wrong could be happening.

Your radiators might be taking twice as long to get hot and you are constantly having to adjust the boiler pressure or the light keeps going out completely .

Keep an ear out for sounds like tapping in the pipes which is an indication of a build up that could be fixed just by flushing the system.

Humming , clunking and banging sounds are worth looking into if you haven’t heard them before and they become quite regular too. They could mean wear and tear or something more serious.

Any kind of smell coming from the boiler or if you feel like there’s a smell and not sure if it could be the boiler  then this needs to be checked out immediately as you could have a gas leak. 

Any faint smell could also indicate a carbon monoxide leak. If this happens then turn off the boiler and call the emergency gas line ASAP.

Symptoms can be things like headaches , shortness of breath and feeling nauseous.

Finally , if you are struggling to find parts for your boiler then it’s definitely time to trade the old fella in and think about replacing it  :) 


  1. We have one of those massive tanks and it’s awful. Ours definitely needs replacing.

  2. We had to replace our boiler about 5 years ago and it was such a big expense at the time. It is so worth it in the ling run though.

  3. Great advice. Boilers always seem to break down at the worst possible time so definitely worth keeping an eye on it before it gets too bad!

  4. We've got a fairly new boiler and have had no problems so far *touch wood*


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