While some parents have tremendous fun decorating their kid’s room, some find it a struggle and don’t know where to start or how to please their little onesWhile it should be funand stimulating, we also want it to be calming, somewhere for our children to rewind and settle down at bedtime. So, what’s the best way to get the right balance?

Walls and floors- The first thing to remember is don’t do anything too permanent. For example, perhaps stay away from flooring and walls that offer childish statements, as they are expensive and disruptive to change. The reason for this is that children grow up so fast and change what they like all the time, and chances are you’ll want to put the room to another use when they grow upso perhaps opt for more neutral walls and floors. Solid wood, engineered, vinyl and laminate are good choices, as you can customise the room with rugs which you can remove. We’d especially recommend vinyl, as it stain and scratch proof, so you can only imagine how suitable it is for a child’s room which will more than likely be exposed to this! Under floor heating is also compatible with laminate vinyl and engineered wood flooring too, lovely and warm for when they are playing on the floor. 

Sharers- Now if you have kids that share a room, then you’ll know trying to find an interior style that suits them both can come as bit of a challenge. You can always give them half of the room to style each, or again go for a neutral décor so it’s hard for them to object.

Animals- Animals toys, patterned fabrics and wall hangings are always popular with children. They are calming and comforting, while offering a playful feel. Unless you want to go down the route of sharks and dinosaurspopular with mischievous children!

Colours- While kids tend to love bright, bold colours, sometimes parents prefer to stay away from them as they can be a bit too stimulating before bedtime. If you’re lucky enough to have a playroom thebold colours are perfect, but perhaps go for pastels in their actual bedroom. 

Buntings- These are a great way of adding decoration to your kid’s room without going over the top. Once more, they are suitable for both boys and girls, coming in block colours and a variety of patterns. 

Introduce fun maps- These are not only decorative, but of course educational. Scratch maps are cropping up more and more, a perfect way of encouraging your kid’s exploratoryside. 

Funky bunk beds- Not are they great ways of utilising space, but kids love the adventure of them! Slides and ladders…you can get creative with different ways your kids can get in and out of their bed. There are plenty of places you can buy these sorts of beds, but for the DIY savvy amongst you try making your own!        

Bookshelves- Parents always encourage reading before bedtime, not only does it send them to sleep and help them get better at their reading, but bookshelves can create an interesting statement. Don’t think you have to settle with a dull bookshelf with no character and only there for the purpose of holding books. You can get them in many shapes, styles and colours…bookshelves in the form of animals and castles are really popularjust go with whatever theme your kid’s room has! It can also make story time even more exciting…

Indoor tent- Children, like adults, enjoy their personal space or secret spot. It’s an opportunity for your child to have a little den or keep their favourite toys. 

Under bed storage- Of course, this is a good way of utilising your space if your child’s room is on the smaller side. It also encourages your children to tidy their toys away. There are loads of places you can get colourful storage boxes and drawers as well.

Different themes to follow- There are so many themes to go for that you’ll be spoilt for choice! Nautical, space, sport, castle, dreamy, jungle, dinosaur, unicorn…there’s literally no limit!

Wallpaper the ceiling- Although something you might never have heard of; it can actually look very effective if done properly, we can guarantee your kids will love it! Don’t go for anything with too much of a complicated pattern or dark colours as it can make the room look smaller. Go for discreet patterns such as dots or leaves.

Personalise- Kids love to feel like things belong to them and are especially made for them. Buy wall letters that make up their name, or even just the first letter of their first name. Even hang their name over their bed if your kids share a room to make them feel like they have a space of their own…

Although we’ve only scratched the surface with kid’s décor, these pointers are a good place to start. Childhood shapes us into who we grow into, and a nurturing, exciting bedroom is only part of that!

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