Thursday 20 April 2023


 Crafting with kids is great fun, but it can get mighty messy too. That’s ok, if everyone helps tidy up. But how often does that happen, and is there anything you can do to encourage it? Happily, yes. 


Crafting storage that’s easy and fun to use can help make putting stuff away nearly as much fun as getting it all out.


We’ve gathered up a few crafty storage tips that might ease tidy up tantrums.



Portable Storage


Storage you can move around is great for lively kids. Invest in a trolley on wheels, with a few storage trays or drawers built in, and you have a cart you can wheel from room to room, or even outside when the weather’s nice.


Alternatively, crafting bags and toolboxes are very handy for keeping small items together, such as paints with brushes or stickers with books. Look for alternatives to things labelled as craft items, because a standard fishing tackle or toolbox is easily repurposed.


Plastic envelopes, or ring binders fitted with clear pockets are good for spare coloured paper or motifs for cutting and sticking activities. You can also use them for random craft items such as pipe cleaners and feathers.


Baskets and tubs are very useful. You can never have too many, and they hold a multitude of different items. Choose stackable plastic tubs with lids to keep things together on a shelf, or go for pretty, decorative baskets when you want something that looks good as well as being practical.



Saving Craft Equipment


Crafty stuff, even when it’s aimed at children, can get expensive. Often if things aren’t looked after or stored properly, they can end up broken and unusable next time they’re wanted.


You can avoid this happening, and keep your crafting area neater, by taking inventory every now and then and putting what’s not being used into self storage. Think of bulky items like chalk boards, easels, larger collections of items that aren’t being used. Crafty people see potential in all kinds of things so can end up with boxes of empty loo rolls or saved seashells for instance.


If you’re planning additions to your family, self storage is also a good way to save craft items or tools for younger siblings. And with local self storage, it’s very easy to fetch anything home that suddenly finds favour again.



Hanging or Fixed storage


If you like to be organised and have a crafting area, fit this out with shelves or bookcases to hold all the crafty goodies. Keep them low to encourage toddlers, but even with older children make sure they can reach the top shelves easily.


Peg boards are very useful for storing smaller tools such as scissors. You can install hooks to hang them from, then draw around the hanging tool with a permanent marker so everyone knows what belongs where. It makes it easy to see what’s missing and helps with tidying up too.



DIY Storage Hacks


Get kids involved in creating their own storage, such as:


·      Covering shoe boxes with pretty paper.

·      Decorating jars or bottles to keep buttons or beads together.

·      Painting empty coffee or crisp containers to use as pen or paintbrush holders. You can even use toilet roll tubes for this. Glue a few together for a bespoke organiser.


Other ways to repurpose items:


·      Use a kitchen towel holder for rolls of craft paper, or just keep it handy for quick mop ups and hand wipes.

·      If you have a lazy Susan (a turntable that makes cake decoration easier) use this in the middle of the crafting table for items kids need to share when they’re crafting with friends.

·      Use a spice rack and its jars for beads, buttons or any small items.

·      Use salt and pepper shakers to help control fine glitter.

·      Use overdoor storage organisers for crayons, stickers, glue, paints… anything that’ll fit.



Organising and Decluttering


Having enabled crafty kids with great storage and easy access to materials, you’ll soon be overrun with artworks. What to do with them all?


·      Have a designated art wall to display everything. Change it often so it’s always fresh and interesting.

·      Have special display shelves for models, whether they’re Lego or recycled cardboard.

·      Use older artworks as wrapping paper or turn them into greetings cards - with kids’ permission of course.

·      Save special art collections by archiving them safely in your self storage room. Those memories are precious, and your kids will love seeing them again when they’re grown up.


Get kids on board with sorting and discarding older works of art by making sure they understand you can’t keep everything. Let them help choose which ones to discard so you don’t accidentally dismiss their favourites.


By having good, organised storage for equipment and a routine for displaying then archiving finished works, you can make sure your personal, creative factory stays happy and productive. Crafting kids are happy, imaginative kids, and that’s a life blessing.



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