When it comes to dolls and jewellery, Nila is obsessed. She is definitely at that stage where she is into all the bracelets and dressing up :)

We were recently sent some of the Twisty girls transforming doll bracelet to try out and I knew instantly she would fall in love with them.

We have a few of the twisty pets already, so these have been a lovely addition to our twisty collection!

If you are unfamiliar with this range then they are little dolls that transform into beautiful little bracelets to wear . 

All you have to do is pull the torso and the skirt and then connect the ends. There is a little hole and a connector to make it easier to see where it goes .

It’s really easy to turn your bracelet back into the doll , pull the legs back up to the torso and they slot back in .

These little dolls also come with a surprise pet which actually turns into a ring , which is super cute and Nila’s favourite out of the two. 

There is also a leash on the doll that you can attach the pet to , which makes it even more of a bling accessory !, not to mention the amazing hair colours and outfits on these dolls.

Nila is hooked now and wants more for Christmas, which is great timing as we’ve just started the Christmas shopping .

These twisty dolls are aimed at children 4+, which is definitely the right age I would say to be collecting them .

They retail at £9.99 each , perfect for a stocking filler for Christmas or grab a few and make a little hamper with some of the twisty pets too :)

You can buy these from Argos and Smyths Toys

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  1. Oh wow what fun! My daughters had some Twisty Petz bracelets for Christmas last year, so I'm sure they'd love this new addition :)

  2. These look great fun for little girls and would make a great stocking filler and collection

  3. I saw these the other day but I didn't really know what they are. My daughters would also love them and at that price, they are perfect for a stocking filler x

  4. These sound really unique - I love how they can be warn and played with - a fun Christmas idea for sure.

  5. These cute twisty girls is definitely going to capture the imagination of any child who receives it as they can transform into a bracelet

  6. These look cool and I could definitely see them making a great stocking filler! Olivia would absolutely love these.

  7. These are adorable and something I think my little girl would love too! We already have some twisty pets so these sound like a great addition to her collection!

  8. We love TwistyPetz, so really happy Spinmaster have released TwistyGirlz! Love the mystery toy that changes into a ring too!

  9. These Twisty girl dolls look really good. I have been thinking about buying one of these for my niece for Christmas

  10. We really love Twisty Petz and we were so happy to see these Twisty Girlz my daughter loves them, especially the little pets that they come with.

  11. She looks so happy! They're so sweet and would be such a nice Christmas present.


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