Tuesday 12 March 2019


Anyone else love a scotch egg?. We all absolutely love them and would probably eat them every day for lunch if we could :)

I started making my own a few years ago which is so much more cheaper and also I got to tweak the recipe making them syn free on the slimming world plan - which suits everybody :)

They can get a little messy to make but they are super tasty and I guarantee you will be making them every week, and will even get asked for the recipe!


500G 5% fat pork mince
2 slices of a 400g pack of wholemeal bread
6 eggs
Salt and pepper
Mixed herbs
Onion salt


Put 5 eggs in a pan and boil for 6 minutes .

Whilst your eggs are cooking add your pork mince to a bowl along with 1 tablespoon of smoked paprika , 1 tablespoon of mixed herbs , 1 tablespoon of onion salt and some pepper. Give it a good mix. I like to get my hands in and really combine all the flavours together .

You will now need two plates -  add the last egg , whisked , onto one of them , and on the other blend up your bread and pop the breadcrumbs on this plate .

Once your eggs are cooked.Put them in a bowl of cold water and remove the shells. It’s a lot easier to remove the shell when the eggs are being submerged in cold water.

Now start forming your scotch eggs by wrapping the pork mince around an egg firmly, then dip it into the whisked egg and then into the breadcrumbs. I do add a little salt and pepper to the breadcrumbs for a little extra seasoning.

Complete that step with all the eggs , then put them on a baking tray , spray with fry light and bake on 180c/ Gask mark 4 for 35 minutes or until golden - turning over half way.

Honestly , these are so delicious and such a lovely lunch idea with some salad and coleslaw.Id love to know if you recreate this recipe :)

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  1. I made these for the first time today, my goodness, what a difference from shop bought ones, very easy to do, I am now hooked!!