About me

Hello there, thank you for stopping by .My name is Kira , i am 32 and live in Staffordshire  with my partner Scott and our three daughters - Kadiann aged 15, Alessia aged 9 and little Nila , 18 months

I have become self employed as a freelance writer since having  Nila but i was originally a care worker in the community and have been since the age of 18. 

Although i loved my role as a carer, being at home with Nila and being able to earn a living has been an eye opener and i am so glad i made the step.

I also own a youtube channel -Kira Hutt- which started out as a bit of fun and to make some friends in the community , and has now become a second income.

Since having Nila, i feel like life really is to short and you need to grab it with both hands. Our family is now complete and i really feel like you should make the most of life and do what you enjoy doing . We only get one shot at this :)

We love going for walks out, whatever the weather .Crafting on a rainy day, baking and making forts in the living room !. Cinema trips as a family are our favourite, even Nila loves them, and shes been coming with us snuggled in the baby sling since 4 months old :)


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