Wednesday 13 March 2019


Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibilities, as well as all the love and fun , I think once you become a parent the worry definitely kicks in.

If you are anything like me as a mother , then I high five you there , as I am a compete worrier when it comes to the girls’ safety. I know we can’t wrap our kiddies up in cotton wool but we can ensure they are safe when they out and about with us and that brings me to our car .

Car safety is extremely important to us - especially when we have our little passengers in the car with us .We have just had our MOT done for the year and also had new tyres fitted to ensure our car is road safety in all weathers - including the snow we are having , yes we are still having snow in March!

Winter tyres have been designed with a large number of grooves and sipes to offer greater traction and grip on snowy, icy and wet surfaces. Which is definitely what we need at the minute!

Depending on your car model and what you use it for : perhaps just for the school run or day to day errands. Or perhaps you use it quite a lot for road travelling and exploring the UK, which we love to do.

The KIA is widely used for daily usage and also road travelling , therefore the tyres should be checked regularly. Worn or incorrectly inflated tyres can be so very dangerous and can cause serious accidents. Ignoring the wear and tear on your tyres could result in a police fine and points in your license a which is not good! If you have a KIA then head to Point S to find the suited tyres for your model.

The tread on your tyre is also really important to check over .There is actually a really simple trick to use and we have been doing it for years now . To check the tread of your tyres all you actually need is a 20p. When you insert the coin into the main tread groves, the outer end of the coin should be obscured. This means that your tyres are above the legal limit and you are safe to drive .

Make sure your tyre pressure and tyre wear are checked regularly to avoid any damages happening. As this will definitely save you in the long run and save from any unexpected accident .

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