Thursday 30 June 2016


This month we got the chance to review a crafty box by ChiChi-World. ChiChi World, all things crafty, is a monthly subscription box packed full of different art and craft products.

 It is delivered straight to your door and has a different theme each month.This month's theme was insects and creepy crawlies. 

There are so many different projects, all individually placed in different coloured bags, which i found so convenient and easy for your children to pick a project and start it, without having to find all the bits and instructions.

In the box is also extra added craft tools that you will need throughout all the projects such as scissors,colours and glue.Which is an added bonus if you are constantly running out of glue and can never find the 50 pairs of scissors your children own,yes that is me!.

We have had so much fun with this box and still have a few projects left. For only £7.99 a month, it's a bargain box that can be shared with more than one child and even us parents!. I would highly recommend.

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