Thursday 23 November 2017


On more than one occasion i have looked up a certain companies customer service number,rang them and then be told i have rang the wrong department and then i have been put through to a million different other departments before i end up putting the phone down through frustration of getting nowhere!.

Scott,my partner, works in the customer service sector, and he says that this is bad practice,a prime example of bad customer service and can be easily avoided with the right information at hand in the first place.

I have come across a brilliant site which is actually super easy to use and helps you find the right telephone numbers you need. No more number hunting to be then left with an email address, live chat services or the FAQ page.With this service you are connected straight to the number  required.

They have recently released this info-graphic survey results , which  indicates peoples  likes and dislikes and their honesty.

I am quite surprised at some of the results if I am honest. With only 12% say they have had issues with calls being poor mannered , I thought that would of been higher .I also thought the language barrier issue would of been higher than 20% as I have had this problem quite frequently in the past.


Have you had any nightmare experiences with customer service or lack of finding the number you needed? Would love to hear your stories :)

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