Games are definitely underrated these days , and it’s such a shame as we really love settling down on an evening with a board game , it’s one of our favourite things to do.

We regularly review games on the blog and we’ve been sent a new one to try out over the holidays : Pass the bomb.

I hadn’t actually heard of this one before , but I knew the ‘ticking’ time bomb would definitely be something the girls would love , so we set it up and and tested it out .

It’s from the company Gibson’s games, they do quite a few family games and we’ve loved adding them to our collection,

This one is aimed at ages 8+ and does require batteries , which aren’t included , 2x AA.

The aim of the game is pretty simple, you have to be the furthest away from the bomb explosion in the middle of the board to become the winner , sounds backwards doesn’t it !

Each player takes it in turns to roll the dice , whilst holding the ticking time bomb , and then has to complete their challenge , depending on which card they need to pick.

This has to be done as quick as possible before the bomb explodes on you, if it does , you will have to move your counter one bomb space , oh no!!.

The cards have different things to do on them including thinking of words that start with the letters you have picked or thinking of a rhyming word for the word you have chosen .

If you roll the dice and land on the maze then you have to complete the little maze and connect them all, which is super tricky when you’ve got to do it fast.

Alessia really enjoyed this game , and we have played it quite a lot over the past few weeks , it’s definitely one of her favourites :)

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried this one out and what your favourite games have been over the holidays so far .

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  1. This looks like such a fun game. There's nothing like a bit of tension to add to the excitement of a game!

  2. This looks super fun :). Is there a link or website I can get it from may have to add to the Christmas list for my cousin! ����

  3. This game looks like a lot of fun! One to invest in before our next holiday perhaps!

  4. It's been years since I started playing games like this but it's one good thing that's come out of this isolation period - I've discovered the fun in them again and this one looks awesome! Been stuck on Uno too long haha - great to see what other games are available, especially now.

  5. This game looks like so much fun!

  6. I've never heard of this game before, but it sounds like a fun game for sure! xo

  7. Sounds like a fun game! Reminds me a bit like hot potato I used to play as a kid!

  8. This looks like great fun! We have just started getting into playing games as a family. One to add to the list!x

  9. You're right, board games are really underatted these days. This one looks like great fun!

  10. First of all I love how bright and colourful the game is, it really draws your attention. Secondly this game reminds me of playing hot potato but a more sophisticated version. It looks like a super fun game.

  11. I will have to get this game! We are getting a bit bored after a few months in the house.

  12. This looks like such an exciting and fun game. I've never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing


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