Sunday 2 May 2021


 We all want our children to be happy at school so it can be upsetting when they say they hate it and don’t want to go. There can be many different reasons why a child might dislike school and it’s important to try to get to the bottom of their feelings to see if it’s something we can resolve. Here’s some advice from a prep school in Milton Keynes on what to do if your child hates school. 




The first step in addressing the issue is getting to the root of their feelings about school. Ask them why they don’t want to go, but don’t pressurise them. If they don’t tell you straight away, keep the lines of communication open and make sure they know they can come and talk to you about anything that’s happening at school. You might find out that they don’t have any friends or are being bullied, or it might be that they find the work too hard which is demoralising them. Or it could be that your child doesn’tlike the teacher. Once you’ve got to the bottom of it the issue will be easier to tackle. 


Work with the school


Your first port of call should be to explain what’s going on to your child’s teacher and any support staff. Together you can come up with strategies for tackling the issue. If your child has no one to play with at lunch time, the school should ask midday staff to look out for this and encourage your child to get involved in playing with their peers or doing other activities. If your child has a problem with your teacher or is finding the work too hard, a meeting should be arranged to address this. 


A stable home environment


If your child sees school as something to be endured, they will likely see their home as a sanctuary. Make sure their home environment is as stable as possible, and reinforce this sense of security with morning and evening routines. Make sure your child is getting enough sleep and eating well and exercising regularly as this will help them feel their best physically and mentally. 


Getting to the heart of the issue is the most important thing to do when your child says they hate school or refuses to go. Showing them that you’re aware of the issue and will work with them to sort it out will make them feel less alone and more hopeful. 

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  1. I have been in this situation and as a mum you feel awful and concerned all the time for them. Talking through the reasons and speaking with the teachers and head really did help a lot.