Tuesday 18 May 2021


 Do your children ask a lot of questions? This constant barrage of questions can become very tedious for parents; however encouraging your children to freely ask questions will bring a number of long-term benefits.

Encouraging children to be inquisitive will not only help them academically, but it will also help them to feel confident and competent. They will learn more about how the world works and this curious nature could lead to a very rewarding career in the future!

There are many ways that parents can help to spark a child’s curiosity and get them asking more questions. Here are some great ideas from aindependent school in Surrey on how you can raise an inquisitive child…

Free play time

The best way to feed your child’s curiosity is by giving them time to enjoy free play. This means letting go of any structures, rules or limits. Let your child to choose what to play and allow them to explore and get messy outdoors. This will give them an opportunity to test new theories, make new discoveries, and use their imagination. 

Change your routine

Another way to encourage an inquisitive nature is changing your usual routine. Start by making some simple changes that will allow your child to step outside of their comfort zone. This will stimulate your child’s curiosity and encourage them to try new experiences. For example, you could try a newfood for breakfast or take a new route to school.

Learn together

When your child comes to you with a difficult question, offer to look into the answer together. This way your child will learn that even parents don’t have all the answers and it is ok to ask questions when we don’t understand. Use your child’s curiosity as an opportunity to spend some quality time together looking in books and online. You will both benefit by learning lots of new information.

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  1. These are great tips, the boys ask questions all the time and I really encourage it. But sometimes I am in the middle of cooking dinner or working! So I will definitely incorporate these into my day