Today has been such a productive day and I love when you get some of the do list done before the week ahead has even started! :)

We spent the morning snuggled on the sofa watching the grinch whilst I got some last minute bits of work done , which saves having to squeeze them in Monday morning .

Iceland have brought out all the Christmas food now so me and Mezz said we were going to get some bits in as we have been doing the Xmas shop a little at a time and it really helps with the cost of it . 

I did a preparing for Christmas - tips and tricks post last week if you need any help on getting organised and on track for the big day :)

We managed to get quite a few bits actually and we are nearly done with Xmas food , so that’s another thing we can tick off of our list .

We were going to have a cheeky Costa as a treat, but we ended up ordering a Nandos and sat in the car with a film on and had a car date .

I think it is extremely important , especially at a time like this , to try and take 5 minutes out as a couple to get that time alone, it really does make the world of difference in bad times , and so good for the soul :)

Anyway , we got back home and the girls had pizza and we stuck on I’m a celeb, is anyone else watching it ?. We are hooked this year!


  1. This is such a successful day - you're 100x more organised than I am this year!

  2. I love the idea of the car date, that is fab! I've never had Nandos as a take-out. Is it still just as good? Mich x

  3. I love it when we have a productive day so well done you! It is definitely important to take time out as a couple, I love the idea of a car date.

  4. Car date is such a good idea. I am glad that you managed to have some time together! I honestly can not remember when was the last time I had Nandos, so thanks for a reminder that they exist. My taste buds are grateful 😂😊


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