Sunday 14 February 2016


If you watch our vlogs you will know by now that Alessia has got extremely fussy with her main meals. Amongst not liking chicken curry or bolognaise,she has gone off pizza completely,which use to be one of her favourite dinners. Having to make the little madam something different when one of them meals were on the cards was becoming a pain and we ended up trying not to have them as much, poor Kadiann,her beloved pizza.

So with it being my weekend off work  i decided to give the pizza wraps a go, with my shopping list in tow i headed to Sainsburys and purchased the rest of the ingredients i did not have. I set the dining table up with all the toppings that the girls had chosen, plus olives for mummy!. I called the girls down from playing in their bedrooms and they were very eager to get stuck in and decorate their Warburtons soft brown wraps.

Kadiann was a bit sceptical , with her being the ultimate pizzaholic!, but we popped them in the oven, gas mark 5 for 20 minutes,or until the cheese is fully melted.

When they were done we sat at the table and tucked in.Kadiann munched away and really enjoyed her pizza wrap. Saying she would never give up 'normal' pizzas for these ones , which made me giggle. With all my fingers and toes crossed i watched Alessia with anticipation. "Delicious" she said, I could not believe it, she ate the whole thing and even complained there was none left for seconds.

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