Thursday 19 May 2016


Having a love for beauty and skincare products it would be silly to say i only have one favourite brand that i use. I have quite a few favourites and ones i use the most, Organic Surge being one of them.

I thought i would share with you some of the products from Organic Surge that i have been really enjoying using.

When it comes to cleansers and face polishes, i have to be very careful as i have dry but very sensitive skin. The brightening hot cloth cleanser and the face polish are both suitable for sensitive skin and are super gentle. With the hot cloth cleanser being an award winning product,you cant go wrong.Rose scented,it smells amazing and you all know what a sucker i am for anything rose scented.

I'm not really a hair mask kind of woman, i tend to leave my conditioner on for a good 5 minutes and use that as a hair treatment or use slightly melted coconut oil as a monthly hair mask, but i came across the 2 minute moisture mask in Tk max a few months ago and i love it.

 It is for dry or frizzy hair and i have got to say my hair has not felt the best over the last couple of months, stress and a busy life style tends to take it out on me where ever it fancys and this includes my hair, from drying out to falling out,so i thought i would give this a go and it really has made a difference. My hair feels a lot stronger and full of volume.

This tropical orange and bergamot gently cleansing shower gel is definitely the one to use to help you feel rejuvenated and fresh ready to start the day, a busy day if your day is anything like mine. Infused with sweet orange and bergamot essential oils ,it leaves your skin feeling so soft.

I ran out of my usual night cream and thought i'd try something new. I came across the Organic Surge overnight sensation night cream, with pure lavender oil and suitable for sensitive skin i was hooked before even trying it. Needless to say its lovely, smells so good and has a good consistency and leaves my face feeling super soft in the morning which is what i want.

These are a few of my top favourites, i would highly recommend them and if you too have a love for Organic Surge then let me know your favourites.

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