Tuesday 14 November 2017


Now I have had baby Nila and I am not planning on having anymore babies , I feel I am ready to kick start shifting this baby weight and get back on track to feeling and looking healthier.

If you are a regular reader and follower you will know before I got pregnant I had already got down to my target weight that I had wanted to be , losing over 3 stone . It was a struggle and sometimes I did feel like I wasn't seeing any results but I stuck to it and it paid off.

Fast forward a year later , a 4 month old and that 3 stone is back - with a vengeance. I have managed to lose half a stone so far but it has been a challenge! and i do honestly believe that the older you get the harder it is to lose weight, and if you are struggling , there is so much help out there  to help you along the way in your weight loss journey and also different aids you can try.

The Independent Pharmacy have a wide range of products to help aid weightloss. With these and a low calorie diet and exercise, you could lose a 1LB for every 2LB you would essential lose dieting alone with some of these aids- which would have my body looking bikini ready by next summer - crosses fingers :)

They are also prescribed by doctors, which gives me that added comfort , knowing a doctor is happy to give the go ahead. You are given a free consultation to see if they are right and suitable for you and also if you have any questions these can all be answered and addressed in this too.

Have you tried a weight loss aid before? did you see results? would love to hear your stories :)

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