Wednesday 8 November 2017


When we decided to have another baby, i knew that my job as a community carer would not be the idealist job to continue with and had decided to make a go of working from home. So far,touch wood!, i have really enjoyed being able to still provide for my family and also get to witness them first moments with baby Nila.

Being a work from home parent, especially to a newborn is difficult. Finding a balance between work and play can be a challenge sometimes and there are a few hair pulling moments along the way. I seem to end up trying to multi task in every aspect of the word - nappy changing whilst skype calling, replying back to emails whilst singing twinkle twinkle little star, in the hope i don't start writing the lyrics down to it!

Furniture at work have released a funny youtube video which shows the meaning of work from home parent, and i have got to say, its hilarious and very true to form :)

Me and Scott have been re-arranging the bedroom so we can cut off a section of it for a mini office for myself.I think one thing a work from home parent needs,or anyone for that matter is somewhere to work. Somewhere that keeps everything you need regarding work,safe from little hands and organised -okay maybe not the organised part- i like to call it organised mess :) - no more running out of paper as you have been sharing the older children's crafting set: your very own work space where you can go.

Furniture At Work have some really lovely office furniture - ranging from desks to chairs to filing cabinets.They range in prices so depending on your budget they have something suitable for everyone. I quite like the Cabral workstation in walnut, it would fit perfect in the office space we are creating.

Have you purchased furniture from Furniture at work and made yourself an office space for the home? Would love to hear your tips and tricks.

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