This weekend i am going to get all the girl's presents out and really go through them and see who has what and if any of them need anymore.

Is it just me that worries their children haven't got enough or you have left things to the last minute. I feel like this every year and every year i say i am going to start earlier to take the pressure off. It never happens - life is just to busy and hectic in this house to feel any kind of organised when it comes to Christmas.

One thing  i have got sorted is the Christmas food shopping.That has all been ordered and due to come on Friday - ticks that off my list,that i haven't had time to make!

We don't have a lot of people or visitors at Christmas, so luckily i only make the dinner for us four and my uncle Kevin, who is always invited round and it would not be Christmas without him! and obviously our newest addition baby Nila.

The one thing that i worry about the most is the presents, and i really do not know why!. We don't tend to have a budget for the girls,if i am going to be completely honest, we just spend , spend and spend,until i can't spend no more and then keep my fingers crossed! That is so bad isn't it!

When Christmas eve arrives and the girls are in bed, we set up shop and finish the wrapping and start bringing the presents down, and this is when i realise, i have maybe gone over board, but only then, never before.

I am definitely being more budget aware next year and really stripping back as i feel i could save an absolute fortune if i was - 1. Organised and 2. Set budgets

I would love to know if any of you ever feel like this? or if you have any tips or advice to tell Christmas stress to do 1!! :)


  1. I'm like you I often worry I don't have enough but in reality I end up getting far too much for my two so Santa is cutting back this year lol x

  2. I went crazy for my eldest daughter first Christmas. She was 7 months and surrounded by presents. She did not care AT ALL. I am now a lot more conscious with my spending and the girls only have a handful of gifts now. My youngest who is 22 months just has a small stocking because I know she won't care the slightest bit about gifts yet and will more than likely be playing with the wrapping paper haha x

  3. I'm always doing that, I need to set everything out so I can see it before wrapping or I get all confused xx

  4. I've definitely been in the 'have we got her enough' boat this week. Think next year we definitely need to downsize on how much we get for Christmas xo


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