Tuesday 19 December 2017


This time of year the girls absoulately love baking . The house is filled with homemade mince pies and cinnamon biscuits, definately a tradition of ours .

We have been baking over the last few days and I thought I would share with you our new Easy Peasy Christmas Tree Bites. These are so simple to make and if, like me, you still have tons to do before the big day , then these are so quick to make and take no time at all!

What you will need is a DR Oetker bake in a box cake, we chose the double chocolate one :)
, a Christmas tree cutter and some icing and sprinkles .

First. Empty the cake contents into the cake box and add the milk, give it a good mix and pop that in the oven for the required amount of time .

Once it is done ,leave it to cool for half an hour then pop open the sides, these boxes are brilliant , the sides pop out and makes it super easy to get the cake out completely in tact!

Slice the cake into 1cm pieces, and then get your Christmas tree cutter or which ever cutters you have and cut out your Bites .

All there is left to do now is decorate . We have got the Dr Oetker sprinkles , which make perfect Christmas tree baubles , and the Dr Oetker icing , which has all the festive colours in and I will say Alessia finished the tubes off by squeezing the lot in her mouth! I guess they are tasty right? :)

There you have these easy Peasy Christmas Tree Bites, they are so delicious and Alessia had so much fun making them .

Let me know if you try them out ? Would love to see your Christmas  creations :)

- We were sent some Dr Oetker products that feature in this post

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