Sunday 3 December 2017


Keeping our children healthy and happy is very important to us as parents. Making sure they have a balanced diet and also get enough exercise and fresh air in them little lungs.

I have always encouraged the girls to spend as much time in the garden during the summer months and now, when winter kicks in, we wrap up warm, pack a flask of hot chocolate and head out for a walk along the tracks by our home. There is no excuse :)

Alessia's school are very big on keeping fit and Primary Play. They encourage the children to stay active throughout the whole year. Every morning in winter the P.E teacher does a 10 minute boogie session in the playground - where he grabs his boombox, puts some upbeat music on and does some really fun dances and stretches with the children, they absolutely love it!

The school are currently renovating their play area and it is starting to look incredible! The outdoor play equipment they have added has got Alessia very excited for the finished result.

ESP is actually the leading provider for school play equipment in the UK. Everything a school could possibly need or think of they have it on their site - Climbing Frames and Water And Sand Play, which are Alessia's favourite things to play in the playground. They have a new mud kitchen available which i think will be a definite hit with the schools,Alessia loves making mud pies!

I know some schools that are unfortunate and have not got this type of equipment in their play grounds so we are very lucky!. Does your child's school have any outdoor equipment? or is the area being renovated for the summer like ours is? I would love to know :)

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