Thursday 21 December 2017


There are only four more days until christmas! I can’t quite believe it ! The Tree has been decorated , presents under the tree ,the garland and stockings are up, Christmas cards given out - we are truly ready in this household for Christmas.

What if it all went wrong? We have been watching a lot of Christmas movies and have got our worry socks on , but have me fear! ADT have sent us a super duper package that contains all the necessity that will have Christmas well and truly safe from any nasty crooks this Christmas Eve.

Alessia has been super busy drawing out our home and making a blue print so she can discuss the details over with her big sister .

We have been busy turning these Spiders into ‘electric shocking’ beasts . We’ve tested these out on daddy and they do give out a mean bite! :)

We have designed these unicorn spikes , which will keep any intruders out of site from these presents,and our chocolates!!. If they dare try and get their pesky hands on them we will definitely hear the screams when they get one of these unicorn spikes stuck in there foot.

We have officially managed to protect all the presents and Christmas this year! A big thank you to ADT for helping us .

Are your presents protected? It’s not to late to get #presentpatrol on board in your home :)

- In collaboration with ADT

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