Tuesday 7 August 2018


I have wanted to write about my decision to bottle feed for a while now and have put it off for many reasons - the backlash, the negative comments maybe? , but recently I have seen so much down pour on bottle feeding mums that I felt the need to speak out and say it is ok to not want to breast feed .

A little bit of background about me , I am a mother of three girls , aged 15,9 and 13 months . I had Kadiann my eldest when I was 17 years old , and although I had no intention of breastfeeding or even wanting to, once Kadiann was born , the midwife literally stuck her on my breast without even asking me what I wanted to do. Being so young I didn’t dare say anything and let them get on with it . I didn’t like it at all, the feel of it , it just wasn’t for me , and after Kadiann kept projectile vomiting , it was decided to try little and often with a bottle .As soon as I got home I was adamant that I was going to stick to bottle feeding her and no one was going to try and take control of my body or what was ‘best’ for my child.

I became pregnant with Alessia, my second daughter and being older now , 23, I said right from the get go I was bottle feeding and luckily no one pressured me but I got so many questions as to why I wasn’t breast feeding - did I at least try? Breast is best, you will bond more with her - and I will be honest , it did make me feel like trying just so I didn’t feel like a crap mother.

Nila came along and same as Alessia , I wasn’t interested what so ever, bought my bottles and my beloved prep machine and was ready to bottle feed. Again, same as Alessia, have I not tried? , someone even said to me I’m sorry it didn’t work out after I told her I was bottle feeding , so she had automatically assumed that I had tried breast before resulting to the bottle.

Since having Nila, I have spoke to many people that are bottle feeding and so many are quick to give a good reason why breast didn’t work, before saying they bottle feed. Why can’t we say we bottle feed and that is that. Why has there got to be a big stigma around the bottle? . I chose to bottle feed and I am happy with my decision , my children are happy , healthy children . I have the most incredible bond with all three of them. Bottle feeding has no way in the slightest made our bond any less.

Bottle feeding gives me the freedom to also be there for my other children and myself. We have routine and everyone can help out with feeds and it works for us and we are happy, all of us , and isn’t that what matters?

Jo says - ‘I bottle fed and always intended to. I never had any interest in breast feeding, I just knew it wouldn’t be for me. The thought of having a baby attached to my boob on demand, feeding solely being my responsibility, was something I didn’t want. Every woman in my family has bottle fed so it was the natural option for me to pick  www.miraclemax.co.uk

Aby says - ‘I have always felt so weird about it and knew it wasn't for me. My midwife tried everything to get me to change my mind - like telling me I'd me more likely to get cancer! I have zero issues with anyone else doing it, I just never wanted to’ youbabymemummy.com 

 Emily says - ‘ I bottle fed simply because I wanted to, I was a young parent (21) and I wanted the support from John and families to help with feeds. BFing wasn’t for me but I have total admiration for those who do  

Instead of judging every mother who hasn't tried breast feeding or wants to bottle feed,we should support each other in any decisions we make as parents for our own children. Bottle feeding, cloth nappies vs disposable nappies, where does it all end?.Life is is to short to constantly judge each other.

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