Wednesday 5 September 2018


Today is the day you start year 11. Year 11! Where has my baby gone. My first born that was the tiniest little thing , 7LB 1 and a half ounces ,to be precise :) . Now you tower over me , but I am a midget as you say so we can’t argue there :)

I am so sad today as I can’t see you off. I am not there to wake you up with a cup of tea, that you never drink:), or to hear you fussing over your hair as it won’t go straight , or moaning at Mezz because your going to be late .

Instead we had a FaceTime call and like normal you hadn’t slept well and was tired , typical you :). I knew you wouldn’t have your coat and that you didn’t know where it was , what is it with teenagers not wanting to wear coats? It’s bloody freezing!.

I could tell you was a little nervous, but that is normal and everyone is going to be feeling like that, I don’t think it helped that Caitlin is on holiday so you haven’t got your best friend there but you will be fine .

You are going to smash this year Kadiann, I know you are . You are the most strongest and hard working teenager I know. Make this year count , and have a lot of fun along the way. You know you have it in you and so do I.

I can’t wait to be back there with you, for us all to be there together again. Only a few days now and it will be all back to normal.

We were intending to move to Norfolk , but cut a long story short we are heading back to Stoke. Kadiann stayed in Stoke at her nanas house to finish the rest of year 10 and spent the summer with her friends. It had been horrible being without her , and although we have had a few weeks together when Mezz has come up, it isn’t the same.

I want all three of my girlies back together . I know you are all going to be super excited planning out your rooms and we are just in time to start getting ready for Halloween- we are all a little bit obsessed with Halloween aren’t we :)

Hope you have had the best day ever and see you on  Sunday

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