Tuesday 8 January 2019


We have been talking a lot about letting the younger two share a bedroom soon. We only have a three bedroom house and with three kiddies and two adults , someone’s got to share at some point :)

Nila is currently in our bedroom in her cot but we have decided over the next few months we will be swapping rooms and transitioning Nila and Alessia into our room as it’s a little bigger.

Changing rooms means one thing - decorating :) . I love decorating and sprucing up the rooms in the house . I think it gives it that fresh feeling again and I don’t know about you but I always seem to get bored with the decor, yes I am that person! :)

So we have been looking into different ways to spruce up the bedrooms on a budget. You don’t need hundreds of pounds to change a room. It really can be done as cheap as chips as they say.

I’ve come up with a few tips to help you give your bedroom a new lease of life , or if your changing the kiddies pond around and need a little bit of inspiration.

Feature Wall- this is a really easy way to transform a bedroom. You can either paint one wall, use wallpaper , or even get some lovely stickers to decorate a wall and let that be the feature of the room. It takes no time at all and cost less than 1/4 of the price it would to do the whole entire room!

Change Your Curtains - we like to do this every season and have different curtains for the weather change too. A new fresh pair of curtains in your room will give that new feel without having to change any of the wallpaper or paint. Some lovely floral ones or perhaps some creamy beige ones to give your room an elegant feel.

There are so really lovely and affordable door curtains in the Yorkshire Linen Website. They do a huge variety from plain to pleated , to Patterns and some really quirky bringing prints. They definitely cater for all tastes :)

New Duvet and Cushions - a new quirky printed duvet is another great way on changing up a room, or perhaps some really funky cushions on your bed to give that extra jazzy ness to the room. I’ve picked up some lovely cushions from the charity shop for a £1, so affordable and definitely budget friendly :)

I’d love to hear your ideas on how you would Jazz up your room. Do leave them below as I love new inspiration too! :)

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