Friday 1 March 2019


When it comes to checking over our car , I will hold my hands up and say we rarely do.its just one of them things isn’t it ? you wait until it’s MOT day and then have a bit of a panic and what the cost is going to be .

It’s not actually that difficult to keep on top of your car maintenance  and check it over regularly . This will ensure the life of your car and will definitely save you in the long run .

So I’ve come up with a few little tips that we have started doing to just make sure our car is in tip top shape and maybe give you a little nudge to start taking car, especially the  tyres. Tyre maintenance is so important and can essentially save you so much money in the long run if you check them regularly.


Tyre wear is normal but irregular tyre wear can leave you with having to change your tyres sooner than you think, things like aggressive turning, scuffing tyres in the kerbs repeatedly or going up the pavements fast can have an impact on your tyres, so be sure to keep these habits in mind in order to keep your tyres road worthy for longer.
Last week we had two tyres that were literally on their last legs and one actually ended up with a puncture half way driving to town - it wasn’t ideal and we ended up in the garage costing us an arm and aCHECK THE TREAD


This is actually a really simple one and we’ve been doing this for a few years now . To check the tread of your tyres, all you need is a 20p. When you insert your coin into the main tread grooves, the outer and of the coin should be obscured. This means that your tyres are above the legal mjnitblinit and your safe to drive


Depending on what vehicle you are driving and what you have inside your vehicle will differ to how much pressure is needed. So always check the pressure information which can be found either on the inside of the fuel filler cap, in the vehicle manufacturers handbook or inside the driver door sill.


Motor oil is essential for your cars performance. It’s job is to lubricants all he moving parts of your engine so they don’t grind and tear themselves into dysfunction.if your engine doesn’t have enough oil then your car is at risk of going kaput! 


We invested in some alloy wheels for our car a few years ago and haven’t looked back since!. Alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels , which means faster stopping and quicker acceleration. Quicker acceleration also means your tyres will last longer. It also  reduces the mileage , which is always a plus!.

Alloy wheels are able to dissipate heat better than steel wheels, which makes better braking performance and decreases the risk of break failure. Which as a mother of three children - really makes me feel more confident knowing we have invested in more safety for our car .

If your thinking of investing in some alloy wheels , then you can get your hands on some at an amazing price at Elite direct. They offer advice and guidance , and will find you the best wheels to suit your budget.

I hope my tips have given you a little nudge in the right direction to keep on top of looking after your car :) 

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