Thursday 18 April 2019


Easter half term is in full swing and we really are making the most of  the lovely sunshine we have been having.

We’ve been in the garden pretty much non stop and the tuff tray is something I like to use and set up an activity for the girls to enjoy whilst I enjoy a nice cup of tea :)

Simple and easy tuff tray painting has been today’s acitivity. It’s so easy to set up and can be mess free!. We have been using the little Brian paint sticks since last year and honestly, we absolutely love them!.

They are so versatile and can be used for painting , stamping and even writing. I used the mini sticks today with the girls as they are the perfect size for little toddler hands and smaller for colouring in :)

They dry in seconds so need for worrying about mess- not that we do in this house , the messier the better with my kiddies :)

They also encourage independent play, which i find with toddlers , they are very independent little humans aren’t they and can sometimes get frustrated with things if they can’t do them by themselves. The little brain paint sticks are great for letting them play without any help needed.

Of course I am there watching - and sipping on that nice cup of tea too!

The wind wasn’t on our side today, which was funny as the girls’ pictures kept blowing over next doors garden , but what is so great about the tuff tray is you can use it as a canvas , so the girls got right into drawing their favourite animals and flowers and stamping .

Nila is really into dinosaur so she used the paint stick as a stomping dinosaur and made footprints whilst shouting ‘stomp stomp stomp’.

Alessia likes to add a little drop of water to them to make rainbow mosaics , she’s a bit older so loves exploring with the paints and she’s really good with her art work .

I love watching the girls play together and crafting is definitely one of their favourite things to do , as well as messy play!.

The paint sticks are so easy to wipe and and we all joined in with clearing away with just a few baby wipes. We’ve had a lovely day and fingers crossed the sun continues shining :)

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