Looking after my body and making sure I am as healthy as can be is very important to me , especially being a mother of three.

If you have followed me for a while then you will know I have lost 3 1/2 stone through slimming world and feel better than I have done in years.

I have recently come across something called dexa scan and it really intrigued me. I had never heard of it before and really wanted to find out what it was all about .

A DEXA scan is a body scan that determines the distribution of lean muscles , fat , water and bone in your body. Sounds really cool doesn’t it?. It uses x ray technology to do this and it’s not like any other composition tool , as the DEXA results are highly accurate and highly reproducible.

The composition scan Itself only lasts around 7 minutes and it works by passing two safe and very low dose x- ray bears at different energy levels through the tissues of your body. The amount of radiation that passes through the tissue is measured by a detector so is completely safe :)

The results you will have are :

  • Total body bone in mineral density
  • Totally body muscle mass
  • Total body fat mass
  • Total body bone mass
  • Totally
  • Body fat percentage
  • Muscle and fat mass
  • Central abdominal fat measurement 

A bone density scan lasts a little bit longer - 10 minutes and it measures how strong your bones are . I suffer with arthritis and fragile wrists through work so it would be interesting to have the test done to see if I had any fragileness to my wrists.

The results from this scan are :

T Score - this number shows your bone mineral density compared to young adults the same gender in peak health.

  • -1 and above is considered a normal score 
  • Between -1 and -2.5 is considered low bone mass ( Osteopenia)
  • Below -2.5 is considered extremely low bone mass ( Osteoporosis)

Z score is the number that shows your bone mineral density compared to other people in your age group of the same size and gender. This score is more than 2 standard deviations and above or below average. It may indicate a need for further tests.

It has been a real eye opener to see something like this available and doesn’t last long , where you get the test and the results in no time at all. If you are thinking about getting a scan done then you can find a location near you and follow the steps to get booked on :)

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  1. I know quite a few people who have had full body scans and the results have been a real eye opener for quite a few of them in making some much needed lifestyle changes!

  2. I've not heard of this before, it sounds a good way to know what changes you need to make.

  3. I have never heard of these before, it sounds really interesting. I really need to start a health kick x

  4. I have heard of this but have no idea if it is available in France where I live.

  5. I'd not heard of this health scan before. It sounds like it gives lots of helpful information

  6. I've never heard of the Dexa Scan before but it sounds super interesting. I need to start thinking more about my health more as I've been really bad with it recently :(

    Louise x

  7. Sounds like very useful scan! I'm pregnant at the moment but def after would consider doing it.

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