Tuesday 2 July 2019


The last game we have been sent to review is Shadows Amsterdam. The cover looks quite interesting and Kadiann said it reminded her a little of crash bandicoot.

The game is aimed at players 10+ and between 2-8 players . You are split into two opposing teams for this game.

Inside the box contains

7 double sided districts
3 obstacle Tiles
Starting tile
84 intel cards
2 police tracks
5 evidence tokens
5 police tokens
2 screens
40 map cards
2 dectective figures
2 tracking markers

The aim of the game is to solve the crimes and beat your components to the finishing line.

To start , both teams pick a player to take the role of intelligence officer. They have a mini map, which they can see and no one else. This shows the spaces where your team will find the clues and the spaces where the police officers are hiding out to arrest you.

The aim now is to spot the intel cards similar to parts of the district you want your player to travel to and give the cards as clues or intelligence, get it ?

Alessia struggled a little bit with the game and understanding it but daddy helped her and we got there in the end :)

Scott and I quite enjoyed it as we are into detectives and solving crimes type of games so this was definitely up our street and if your into that too then definitely check the game out yourselves.

-We were gifted this product in exchange for an honest review 

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