I said to the girls we would go out together on their own over the summer holidays. Nothing extravagant, just have some one on one time as it’s really hard sometimes with three children.

Charming was on kids club today and me and Alessia wanted to see it so we headed into town. We also go Mac Donald’s for breakfast as a treat and OMG it was so good! We do love a maccy’s breakfast ;)

Charming was actually a really good film- it’s from the makers of Shrek so I knew it would be pretty good. We headed into town afterwards for a little mooch and of course a crispy Kreme! It would be rude not to.

I opted for the Nutella-yum! and Lessie had the new cookies and cream one which was pretty decent :)

She then conned me into going WHSmiths. If you are new around here then Alessia is a mad slime addict!. She buys it , she makes it , god if she grow it I’m sure she would HA!

She needed some more glue so obviously chose the big 1 litre tub, which I might add, I had to carry around town ! Kids! :)

We stopped off in Lush and picked a bath bomb and some of their new Conga jelly for the bath. We also headed into tkmaxx to see if they had any American candy but they had none! Shocking!

As soon as we got in , it was operation slime , and we made four sets of slime . She’s a professional when it comes to slime I swear.

We’ve had a lovely Sunday, like I say, nothing extravagant just being able to be there and present and have only me to herself for a few hours was more than enough for her :)


  1. What a lovely day!I definitely need to take mine to see Charming!

  2. My kids are desperate to make slime, I have been putting it off though

  3. This sounds like the perfect morning - who doesn't love going to watch a movie and then getting creative and crafty

    Laura x

  4. Aw, that's so nice! I've always treasured having some chill out time with my girls. You can end up being so busy all the time that having a special day together is such a nice treat.

  5. Slime making plus visits to the cinema are always a fun favourite in our home too.

  6. It's so hard to give them some one to one time isn't it, but how lovely you got to do that. Mine love slime too!


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