Tuesday 13 August 2019


And we a blink of an eye Nila is already 2. The years seem to go so quick don’t they?, I’m sure they go even quicker after you’ve had one or two children. I am sure of it!. 2 years and 2 months has absolutely flown by.

What a character this little bug is . I really wanted to document Nila at this age as she is an absolute darling!. These are the years they really form their own character isn’t it and their own little traits.

- saying no
- wiping your kisses off and saying yuck!
-cuddles! All the cuddles in the world for her mama
-movies, loves the cinema
-the colour blue
- bubbles
-biting her nails
-dinosaurs - rawr

-nappy time!
Hair brushing . We get ‘ow’ before you’ve even touched the hair - i think she copies her big sister though :)
-car seat. Hates the bloody thing!
-any form of spider or fly .

-peppa pig
-Simmer and shine
-hey duggee
-in the night garden
-the clangers
-moon and me

-despicable me - all three
-the emoji movie
-all the toy story movies

-PASTA! especially if it’s covered in pesto :)
-fruits - every kind of fruit . Even gets a bowl from the cupboard to tell you she wants a fruit salad !
- milk. Still loves her milk

-cheese- grated , sliced, baby bel, dairylea , cheese string, but will eat pizza.
- mince , bolognaise , chilli, Shepard’s pie . The mince will be left. I think it’s the texture

Bath time is her favourite . We will walk up the stairs and into the bath room and if the bath isn’t ready she will sulk. The cutest thing ever! :)  she loves having the towel wrapped round her and to walk in her room like a mummy.

Loves putting her hand in your mouth to settle for naps and comfort . Has been doing this since newborn. Before you ask , yes it is a pain in the arse now she’s older . She even moves your face closer to her so she can reach!!

loves making you laugh and the more you laugh the more she will be  silly . Pretends to cough and cry and be a cat.Loves to roar like a dinosaur and pretend play is her favourite too

We love reading books and Nila loves to pick which one she wants to read .

I might do these updates every year . It’ll be lovely to look back on, but for now - Nila at 2, you are bloody awesome x

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