Saturday 9 November 2019


When it comes to music and singing Nila is there . She has loved music from the get go especially at playgroup- they have so many different instruments to play with , she is in her element.

When we were kindly sent the Halilit Toddler Music Musical Orchestra Musical Instrument set to test out and I knew straight away she was going to love it - maybe not so much Daddy! :)

The Halilit Musicsal set comes in a box with a handle which is great for packing up and taking on holiday with you or for a weekend at nanny and grandads.

The set comes with an ocean drum, baby xylophone, ring my bell, rattle roller and and a shaker maraca and is suitable for ages 12 months and over.

I knew Nila would absolutely love the set- especially the xylophone, it’s her favourite thing at playgroup so she was over the moon to have her own. I love the fact that the stick isn’t heavy and is perfect for little ones to bang about without hurting themselves.

All the instruments are great size for little hands and make it easy for Nila to use with ease , rather than struggling to hold them . She is 2 and a half and at that stage where she is very independent and wants to do everything by herself :)

We have really enjoyed testing out this set and think it’ll make such a lovely gift for Christmas for any little one who loves their music!.

-We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review 

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