Tuesday 10 December 2019


If you’ve followed me for a while then you will know we are all book worms and love a good book. I think reading is such a great way to relax and let loose after a busy day , not only for you but also for the little ones .

I’ve put together a little gift guide of some of the books we’ve been enjoying and would definitely recommend this Christmas :)

First is my absolute favourite! Witching hourThis one is a journal for positivity, confidence and all things magic. A great one for the modern witch who hasn’t got the time . Set aside time for your own ‘witching hour’ .

I’m really enjoying using this journal , and finding myself making time to sit with it :)

If you have any dinosaur lovers in your house then I’d definitely recommend tiny t-rex and the impossible hug It’s a really lovely story about Tiny the t- Rex going on an adventure to be able to hug his friend pointy. With Tiny’s short arms , is a hug impossible?

Nila absolutely loves this one and is a lovely bedtime read.

The ravens tale would be great for the teenagers. 17 year old Edgar is eager to escape his foster family . He is desperate to get out to university and to marry his true love Elmira , but when a muse appears to him , will he be lead down a path of doom?

Kadiann has this one wrapped up for Christmas and I know she’s really going to enjoy the story line. She is a complete book worm!.

A perfect book for anyone who is in tune with their chakras and loves their crystals .The seasonal soul is packed with information and practices and advice for the seasons all year round . A book that can be used all year and great for journaling.

I have an idea is a lovely book with visual wit and bubbling imagination . Mediation ideas and simple affirmations. It’s full of colour and captures any little ones imagination and creative side .

The cat tarot is a new addition to my collection and if you know someone that loves tarot reading and cats then this is definitely one to pick up for them this Christmas. It is such a cute deck and definitely unique :)

The ten little series is a firm favourite isn’t it. There are so many to choose from . The obvious one this year is Ten little elves. It’s a great one for helping the little ones count as well and find out what mischief happens with every page :)

Start with one thing Is a great book to get you feeling motivated and ready to absolutely smash 2020. It offers simple and practical steps to help all them dads out there to make better choices in their every day life , in the most positive way possible:)

The sea soul blessings are a lovely deck of cards to inspire wisdom for all the sea lovers .pick a card daily for guidance helps to shift unhelpful thoughts and keeps you focused .

I hope this guide has given you some inspiration when it comes to Christmas presents this year :)

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