Monday 17 February 2020


Today has been the laziest day and it was so needed . The girls are off now for half term and I am looking forward to not having to venture out in the wind , rain and snow on the school runs!.

It’s been another gloomy day here so we’ve had a day of baking and making the best roast potatoes ever in our new air fryer we were gifted last week, definitely a day for cosy and comfort food.

I had picked up some ready to roll shortcrust pastry earlier in the week so we could make some jam tarts. They are Alessia’s favourite and we haven’t made them for ages .

We actually tried some chocolate ones and popped a dollop of chocolate spread  in some of them and they turned out really nice actually. Of course the girls licked the spoons to death , it’s a must isn’t it :)

Storm Dennis has been horrendous today and also blew down our fence - good old British weather . I’m hoping his had his fun now and is gone . Storm Ciara took the trampoline last weekend!.

Whilst the girls dug into the tarts and warm milk I made a start on our roast dinner. We don’t have a roast every weekend because honestly I’m usually busy catching up with work but I got everything signed off on Friday so we had the weekend to relax and enjoy it .

Like I said earlier , we were gifted an air fryer and I know a lot of people that have made roast potatoes in theirs so I was so excited to test it out .

The roasties came out incredible and everyone wanted seconds , they were delicious. I also put some seasoning on them which went really well too.

We've ended the evening with tea and coco, it’s one of our favourite films and we love singing along to it .

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and if you are on half term this week , I hope it goes well :)

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