Friday 12 June 2020


Two things we love in this house is chocolate and lotus biscoff . Put them both in a cheesecake and you have the ultimate after dinner treat!.  It tastes insane!

We love a cheesecake in this house and I have come up with a chocolate lotus biscoff concoction which tastes so good!


For the base ...
200g digestive biscuits
100g lotus biscoff biscuits
160g melted butter

For the topping...

400g soft cheese
200g melted lotus biscoff spread
200g melted chocolate spread
100g caster sugar


Break your biscuits up. We used a food bag and gave them a bit of a bashing , the kids enjoyed this and didn’t want to stop ! :)

Add in your melted butter and give it a good mix , then add it to the bottom of your tin. We have a big  tin , it is a 14inch , so you might want to half the ingredients if you have a smaller tin.

Pop it in the fridge now for a few minutes whilst you prepare the topping.

Add your soft cheese to a mixing bowl with your caster sugar and give it a whizz , then melt your chocolate spread and biscoff spread and add them in and give it all a good whizz.

Pop the topping on top of the biscuit base and decorate with some biscoff biscuits and set in the fridge for 8 hours.

This is honestly the best cheesecake you will ever taste.  Do let me know if you recreate this recipe and tag me on Instagram @kira_hutt if you do .

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