Wednesday 22 July 2020


Today Lessie bug turned 11 and we’ve celebrated her birthday in Hemsby- which seems to be a tradition of ours :)

We booked a week in Hemsby in Norfolk to see my parents. My dad isn’t very well and with all the social distancing going on , we managed to book  a chalet as we can’t stay at their house , which was a god send and not that dear !.

We packed up lessie’s birthday gifts and got some decorations and balloons from the shop and set up her birthday last night .

She woke up to a bundle of presents and balloons  - she was so happy :)

We spent the morning at the beach and and then headed to the waffle and pancake shop as nana had given us some extra money to treat the girls this week for Alessia’s birthday so we all had waffles and ice cream and so many toppings - biscoff , Oreos , marshmallows, they were so good!.

Nila had the longest nap and we all just relaxed , it’s been a busy week and we are all actually pretty exhausted! The joys of running around after a toddler .

Nanny and grandad came up to our chalet with Auntie Mikaela and Dean and we got ready to go to the arcades . We also went to the fair rides , which Alessia had her heart set on.

She went on the waltzer and I had to shout the man and tell him to stop spinning as she looked like she was going to throw up! Even my mum went on it too! :)

She chickened out on the haunted house walk through , which I must admit , did give me the jumps a few time’s and even Kadiann screamed!.

Nila enjoyed a few little rides and we were all just loving the evening and the sun still being out , it was such glorious weather today.

She video called Daddy as he has had to go back home for work , which is rubbish , but as long as she had a lovely day he was happy .

Nanny and grandad treated us to some dinner and also picked up a birthday cakes which we had back at the chalet . Singing happy birthday to Alessia since she was little has always set her off crying , but she didn’t this year , and last year actually.

She must be getting to old to cry , my baby is growing up so fast . I wish they would slow down!.We ended the night with showers and birthday cake and cups of tea and milk, and an early night .

She’s had a lovely birthday , and I’m so happy she has :)

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