Saturday 29 August 2020


If your child is about to start taking the school bus, it is important to teach them what to expect and familiarise them with the route. 

This will help to ease their worries and make them feel more confident about travelling without you.

Here are some great tips from an independent boy’s school in Londonto help prepare your child for taking the school bus…

Try visiting the bus stop before your child begins their new travel routine. Watching other children using the bus can help your child to feel more comfortable and may also help to settle your own nerves about them travelling alone.

 Visiting the bus stop will also ensure that you know the exact journey time to get there

You don’t want them to miss the bus on their first day! You can also practice the bus journey at the weekend in your own car, so that your child can familiarise themselves with the route.

Travel buddy
Having a friend on the bus will also help your child to feel more relaxed. Speak to the school and see if they have organised a ‘travel buddy’ system. You may be able to find out in advance who they will be pared with, or arrange for your child to sit with a particular friend. 

If your child is free to choose their own seat, then you could arrange to meet your child’s friend at the bus stop and let them get on together.

Safety rules
It is important to discuss safety rules with your child before they begin taking the school bus. Explain the importance of wearing a seatbelt, staying seated when the vehicle is in motion and behaving sensibly

It is also important that your child is aware of ‘stranger danger’ and knows road safety rules, especially if they are older and will be making their way home from the bus stop.

If your child has concerns about travelling to school without you, then you could provide them with a personal safety alarm to keep your child safer . It is important to discuss their worries and reassure them. Let them know that there will always be an adult on board and they can talk to the driver if they have any safety concerns. 

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