Thursday 24 September 2020


Whether your child excels in sport or struggles with it, there’sno doubt that sports are a vital part of a child’s education.

Sports can level the field for children. It’s where all children can shine no matter what their academic history. If your child isn’t naturally sporty, it’s important that you try to help them find their niche – there is something for everyone.

A school which excels in sporting achievements will put time and effort into maintaining this portion of their pupils’ time at school. T

Sports offer an outlet

Children have boundless energy and sports give them respite from thinking and learning. Engaging their bodies in sporting fun helps them to recharge ready for the next academic challenge. 

Children with plenty of energy will look forward to sport lessons with enthusiasm and team building exercises help bond children together.

What about children who don’t enjoy sports?

Sports and excelling on the playing field isn’t something all children enjoy but it is important to help children to gain confidence so that they can join in and feel a sense of achievement. 

Find out why your child or pupil doesn’t like a particular game. Sometimes it can be something as simple as not fully understanding the rules. Or being afraid of the ball hitting them. Arming a sports-shy child with knowledge will assist them to learn more sporting skills.

Sports foster a positive dynamic in schools

Team sports in schools can bring children together in the challenge of competitive games. Competing against other schools helps children feel part of a larger group. Wins and fails alike bring children together in celebration and commiseration.

Health matters

The obesity epidemic has been in the news for some time now and lack of sporting opportunities certainly plays a big part in the health of our children. Schools which have a full sporting timetable will also have healthier children on the register. 

All children need at least an hour of cardio exercise per day to ensure they remain fit and healthy. For this reason alone, sport is a vital part of education.

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