Saturday 24 October 2020


 If your child is soon to be joining a nursery, you probably have conflicting emotions. You may feel excited because your child is going to have lots of fun, learn new skills and make new friends. 

You’re also probably a little anxious, as your baby ventures out into the big wide world without you by their side for the first time. It’s an overwhelming milestone for parents and a big transition for little ones. 

With that said, it’simportant that you all prepare as much as possible so that their first day isn’t as daunting as it could be. Here are some tips to help you get ready.


There are many things you can do in the weeks and months leading up to your child’s first day at nursery. The trick is to play it cool; if you make a massive deal out of it, your little one might end up feeling even more anxious than before.

 Try role playing the idea of nursery with your child and act out some of the common things that might occur on a day-to-day basis. Take turns with your child pretending to be the student, teacher, and parent. 


When your child starts nursery, they will start to become more independent. For instance, they will have to unzip their own coat and fasten their own shoes. 

Make a game out of these activities by timing your child or racing with them to see how quickly they can do it on their own. This will help prepare them for when they have to do it at nursery. 


It might be worth getting a couple of books all about nursery from the local library or ordering online that you can share with your child. Talk to your child about how the character is feeling and whether or not they can relate to any of these emotions. 

If they tell you they are scared, try and put their mind at ease by discussing all of the exciting things that they will get to do at nursery. You should also try and visit the premises a couple of times before your child starts, even if it’sjust on the outside, so that they start to become familiar with the area.

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