Friday 16 July 2021


 Today was Nila’s last day at nursery and my god hasn’t the past school year been an absolute whirlwind!.

I was always a little apprehensive about letting her start nursery during the pandemic, and I did weigh out all the pros and cons a million times , but knew she needed that aspect of learning and being with people as our local playgroup stopped and I could really see the side effects of it in her.

She has absolutely loved going to Nursery , despite all the lockdowns disrupting her routine and having to start back at square one every time the schools closed or her bubble had a positive covid test , but she has absolutely loved starting school.

She has thrived and loved making friends , she has a boyfriend , and a best friend and loves going to school and telling me all about her afternoon when I pick her up .

Today they have had a leaving dance party in the nursery and she has played musical bumps , had ice cream and has also brought home her graduation photos which I am so grateful for.

I have been quite emotional this afternoon as Nila is definitely our last baby and she really has had to grow up super fast over the past year and a half with the pandemic and she’s been absolutely amazing and incredible with it all.

I am so proud of her and now looking forward to the best summer , making so many memories and then it’s big girls school in September! 


  1. I remember being emotional when my Daughter left Nursery, it is a whole chapter finished and a new one beginning

  2. The leaving dance party sounds like fun. It sounds like she had a great time. She is going to looooove big school!!!

  3. Awww it sounds like she thrived at nursery. I bet she can't wait to get to big school, Olivia can't, she is so excited x

  4. Ah she looks so happy bouncing away. Have a great summer before she starts big girl school! Mich x