Monday 26 July 2021


 The girls had put a visit to the library on our Summer bucket list ideas for the school holidays so we hunted the house for our books and ticked that one off of our list.

We also joined the summer reading challenge whilst we were there which the girls are really excited about and they chose their first half of the books as our library are doing it in two sections to save a million trips to the library :)

Nila doesn’t actually remember the library as we haven’t been in 2 years and she absolutely loved it !. 

I took the girls for a pit stop snack in Sainsburys cafe whilst we had a read of our books- were not allowed to sit in our library at the minutes , it’s a get your books and go system .

We then had a spontaneous road trip to IKEA as we headed to the range and Argos for some new bedroom furniture but there wasn’t anything that would fit in the space we have .

I love IKEA , although it always is an expensive trip!, I think it is for most of us :)

First thing I popped in my trolley was some sandwich bags , definitely a mum! 

We stayed for tea and had the famous meatballs and mash, honestly I absolutely love the gravy from IKEA and we also picked up some of the jam too!.

Safe to say we were all absolutely shattered by the time we got home , but it was definitely a day well spent :)


  1. A reading challenge is always a good thing. I need to find a library that's open to do it too.

  2. Ah I remember doing the summer reading challenge when I was a kid! I forgot it was on so I better remind Jack!

  3. I do love Ikea and could spend a fortune there as well, and not just furniture I love all their little bits as well, plus the food

  4. I am in desperate need of a trip to ikea. I usually spend a small fortune in there so may have to wait till payday

  5. Ha! It's hard not to go crazy at IKEA. They have such amazing things. And yay for encouraging reading during the summer!