Saturday 5 February 2022


When it comes to getting creative, the girls and I love getting stuck in. We also like a challenge too and we’ve been sent something we have never tried before!.

The new paper FX from Flair which is essentially a weaving paper machine, designed to help you create some amazing things including pen holders , photo frames and even bags!.

It comes with everything you need to get started, all you need is some recycled paper. This can be any paper you have in your arts and crafts cupboard or you could get really creative and use up some old newspaper or magazine pages- that would be really cool!.

First decide which thing you’ll be making and see which pieces you need to make for it on the instructions guide.

We chose a pencil holder as the girl’s pens and pencils are ALWAYS going missing, so this will be going on Alessia’s desk so there is no more excuses :)

You start by cutting your paper with the cutter and then putting them through the crease machine which helps you with folding your pieces correctly .

This was such a good idea and helped Alessia fold the pieces properly which helped with the weaving.


The more straight and flat the pieces are in the weave machine. The easier it is to do :)

Now put your pieces into the weave machine piece by piece, gluing them securely together as you go.

Now you have your weaved piece for whichever design you have chosen . The next steps will differ depending on what you’ve chosen, but that’s the hard part over :)

We had such a blast with this and think it’ll make such a cool birthday gift idea this year .

The set retails at £19.99 and can be purchased at SmythsToys

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  1. I can remember doing something similar to this when I was young. We love a good crafting session too, My middle daughter would enjoy this paper craft

  2. This is super super cool! I would love to get it for my daughter, she loves DIYs

  3. What a creative gadget! Such an interesting type of craft, and it looks like fun. I'd love to get one of these for my daughter.

  4. Those are so beautiful. My nieces also loves doing art and craft. I love that idea, I will try to make it, too.

  5. We have this kit too and it is a bit tricky to use, but can make so many cool things! Yours did a great job with it.

  6. Oh wow this looks really cool and a great way to get creative and making useable things with paper

    Laura x