Tuesday 1 February 2022


January has been and gone and we all know with that, has come the blues and we all start feeling a little deflated and it’s all back to normality after the holidays.I am such an advocate for looking after your mental health and well-being and am open and honest about my struggles with my own mental health.

There are so many different ways we can make sure we look after our mental health and well-being and with small steps each day we can keep on top of a happier and healthy mindset, which is the ultimate goal :)

I’ve put together some little ideas , my tips and tricks handbook, I definitely think I should bring one out :), of some of the things I do to keep my head happy .


Moving my body honestly does wonders!.If you are a regular reader then you will already know that I work from home and can sometimes be sitting at my desk with my computer for 4 hours without moving.It can be done and without even realising it sometimes. 

I do go to the gym 3 times a week and that makes me feel amazing, the endorphins after a gym session are incredible and I would definitely recommend it,but if it’s a work day then before I set up my computer I’ll put on a little workout from YouTube or put some music on my Alexa whilst making my coffee and have a kitchen disco and it really sets me up for the day.

Afternoon walks are also becoming a favourite of mine. Now the sun has been making an appearance. I’ll make a tea and pop it in my flask and head out on one of the nature trails that are at the back of my house with a podcast and get some fresh air.


We all know a healthy balanced diet makes us feel good. It stops us from feeling sluggish and bloated and that yuck feeling you get from rubbish foods - we’ve all been there haven’t we?.

Fuelling your body with a balanced diet is not only going to make you feel good, it’s going to give your brain and body all the nutrients it needs to function properly . 

Slow releasing carbohydrates like porridge are a great way to start off the day as it’s releases that energy slowly, keeping you fuelled up enough until lunch time.

Stay hydrated too. There were so many times I thought I was hungry and tired but was really hydrated and noticed such a change when I increased my fluids.So now I fill up my water bottle every time I eat so I know I’m keeping on top of my water intake .


Asking for help and talking about the way we feel is such a touchy subject still isn’t it ,as well as accepting help when it’s being offered to us and we try and just juggle it all until we feel like we’re ready to explode, I’ve definitely been there before.

It is so important to reach out if you are struggling and need some help or guidance, speaking to someone whether that be a friend, family member or a counsellor can make the world of difference and take that weight and worry off of your shoulders.

Regular private psychiatry sessions can be so beneficial and they are less taboo now and very common. Someone who is unbiased and you can talk to on a regular basis really does lift that burden- I have had regular therapy sessions in the past and I use to come away feeling 5 stone lighter.

With Psymplicity, you can book your initial assessment and also attend your first appointment from home with a nice cup of tea.So already, the nervous first appointment jitters are eased off for you,making you feel a little less apprehensive.

They also offer various payment plans to suit your needs and your current situation,which is actually one of the reasons I put off therapy for a very long time,thinking I couldn’t afford it,so a payment plan is perfect.


This is something I only really started believing over the last few months. Life is for living, and live it. Wear that expensive perfume everyday, don’t save it for the ‘special occasions’, I use to say this all the time and there were no special occasions for years. 

Don’t save things for the ‘special days’, everyday is special and you should feel it everyday if you can. So wear the perfume, wear the brand new trainers and keep your heart and head happy however you can :)

I really hope these ideas help and if they do please reach out to me and let me know, also if you are struggling then reach out too, there is help out there x


  1. Great tips. Exercising and eating and drinking well are all great ideas to help look after your mental health.

  2. I definitely agree about moving, I always feel so much better after exercise or even just a walk. I find fresh air work swell for me too x

  3. It might not be heap to get help but looking after your mental health is so important and you can't put a price on that.