Monday 21 March 2022


 If you are from the 90s then you will definitely remember the classic YoYo. The competitions we use to have in the playground were some of my favourite times as a child.

We’ve been lucky enough to test out the new invention that is YoYo ball. When I tell you these are an absolute game changer, I am not kidding.

One thing my girls hate and can’t actually do properly is wind a YoYo back up after using it. The frustration is real, anyone else have kids with no patience? :)

These YoYo balls do not need winding back up and are absolutely brilliant.

Endless amounts of fun without needing help has had my girls having the best weekend in the park, it’s been lovely.

I love that these YoYo balls give children that independence of doing it themselves. You can still do all the cool tricks like around the world and walk the dog too!.

Definitely check out my reel on Instagram to see us in action. It was a blast!.

The YoYo balls come in 6 different cool designs and colours, and they retail at £4.99 which is such a bargain and great for pocket money spending.


  1. I used to love my yoyo, they really started to make a come back. These ones look great for the kids

  2. I grew up in the 90s and I do remember playing with yoyos! Yes, I also recall those competitions.

  3. I always want to learn how to play yoyo, lol. Looks so cool!

  4. What a fun twist on a traditional toy. I bet even my grown kids would like to have a crack at these.

  5. I was a huge fan of the YoYo, I think my girls will love these.

  6. These Yo-yo balls look like so much fun!! I know my boys would love them

    Laura x